Stop Ripping Fur Off Live Animals to Make Brushes

Target: Kevin Shea, Administrator of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services

Goal: Ban the sale of brushes made of animal hair in order to reduce the demand for these cruel products.

It’s well known that meat and dairy are not obtained ethically, but something many are unaware of is that the finest brushes used for painting or cosmetics are often fashioned from animal hair. Some animals’ hair is more valuable, like sable or mink, but even horse and squirrel hair are used. This might not be a problem if the hair was taken humanely, but it isn’t. Animals are routinely trapped, clubbed or electrocuted to get their fur.

Trying to find out where a company gets its fur for their brushes is very difficult, and it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to lie about what animal it came from. “Sable fur” is sometimes taken from ferrets or weasels, for example. Sustainability is not always a concern for the trappers; mongooses have been over-hunted for their fur, used in brushes for precision and fine details. Stiff hog bristle is used for spreading thick paints. Wealthy artists are able to spend quite a bit on luxury animal hair brushes, but they could easily buy high quality synthetic brushes instead. Please sign this petition to protect animals by banning these brushes.


Dear Mr. Shea,

Animals are being inhumanely trapped and tortured for their fur in order to produce brushes for painters and makeup artists. Sometimes they’re gassed or electrocuted, and sometimes the hair is painfully plucked out while the animal is alive. A mongoose will only have a small handful of usable hair for brushes, so many hundreds will be tortured at one time to fulfill orders. Consumers don’t even know what they’re getting since mislabeling runs rampant in the industry. The label may allege that the brush is made from high quality sable fur, when in reality it comes from an abused ferret.

Companies have developed synthetic alternatives but not everyone is aware of the harm inflicted on animals when harvesting their fur. Animal hair brushes are usually imported from other countries which often have more lax regulations when it comes to animal welfare. This enables a cheaper product, but it comes at the price of animal suffering. Please enact a ban on the trade of animal hair brushes, and show that America stands up for the freedom and rights of all species.


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Photo Credit: Keith Williamson

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    please go vegan and stop killing animals now!

    • It’s a nice dream Gen, but highly unlikely all people will ever stop eating animals, and even if they did, the animals will NEVER stop eating each other, that’s the only way they can survive! Of course reduced consumption by people is good for animals, but everyone really needs to focus more on, and fight harder for the humane treatment of animals intended for food, and ending the needless torture for frivolous products like make up, etc, it’s outrageous how they are treated world wide, truly disgraceful!!

      • simon rickman says:

        so, spread the vegan message as Gen just did and try to encourage those who show compassion, don’t discourage them.

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Synthetic hair brushes work just fine – leave the animals ALONE for pete’s sake!

    • Candy Niewinski says:

      I agree! There is no way I could afford a “real” brush and even if I could I would never buy one for this reason. This angers and saddens me to no end.

  3. LIZ THOMPSON says:


  4. I am so angry that after years of animals being used for common items purchased on a daily basis such as these brushes, and leather products made from dogs or the fur from cats, and we were not aware. Of course we know how the leather products were made, but I would guess that most believed that in using cattle for meat they used all parts as not to waste. We know where wool and goose feathers for pillows come from but again I can bet majority of public believed humane measures were taken and no suffering was dealt. Until recently did we find out how horrifically wrong we were. It is not only inhumane, torturous and unnecessary. But I know I deserve the right to know where my product was made and what animal. I would personally research and not use particular products that used cruel methods and animals against my beliefs. This needs to be controlled and discontinued. I don’t want products that harm or cruelty has been the method of producing a product.

  5. Cynthia Mattera says:

    When are we as a society going to stop abusing animals for our needs? Do we really need brushes made from animal hair? In this day and age with technology at its finest, I so NO!!!! Synthetic will do just fine and it will end the suffering of billions of helpless animals! No need to continue animals testing. L’Oreal just started using manufactured skin, which will end live animal testing…amazing!!!!

  6. Rosemary Lowe says:

    Humans are a cancer on this planet, and they need to become extinct before they drag the rest of this plant’s life down with them. Yes, there are some (such as those on blogs like this) who are compassionate, but with 250,000 to 300,000 human births each day, the planetary destruction worsens each day.

  7. Alison Zacharis says:

    From the moment human slime crawled out the mud we have gotten nowhere unless through appalling cruelty to animals. We have used and abused every species, including our own, on the face of this planet all for our own ends. We have chewed our way through their flesh, girded our loins with their skin and used their bodies as transport. Hacked the faces off elephants for their tusks so we could carve tiny elephants and f..king buttons! Ripped the fur from other animals to wear, make fur Pom Poms and bloody brushes…..I could go on, but I’m ashamed, heartbroken and disgusted for the despicable way we humans have always treated our fellow creatures.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shares❗️?

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