Hold BP Accountable for Dolphin Deaths

Target: US Department of Justice
Goal: Hold BP accountable for the continuing deaths of dolphins from the 2010 Gulf oil spill.

*This petition is in collaboration with Care2, thereby allowing all signatures to appear in a single location.

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  1. Lyndsay Norton says:

    All in the name of money – blood money.

    BP – aren’t you rich enough????

  2. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    BP, stop giving us B.S. and come clean,
    ya’ greedy pieces-of-$#i+!!!

  3. mother…!!!!

  4. BP needs to own up to its immoral envirnomental actions and financially pay for the deaths of these dolphins.

  5. tammy guess says:

    Hold BP accountable!! The damage that they created is still causing devastation to the marine life. They should have to pay for this!!
    The dolphins and other marine life should not have to pay for it!!

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