Don’t Force Vegan Company to Test Products on Animals


Target: Rona Ambrose, Health Minister of Canada

Goal: Don’t force meat alternative company to test its products on animals before it is allowed to sell them in Canada

A very popular meat alternative company known as Field Roast has been told by the Canadian government that it cannot sell its products until it tests them on live animals. The Seattle-based company offers vegans a variety of alternatives to meat, such as holiday roasts, veggie burgers, and breakfast sausages. Field Roast recently received a letter from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency stating that it needed to conduct a Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) study in order to classify it as a “simulated meat product,” which requires the company to test on live animals.

Apparently, the issue arose after a competitor made a complaint. The law is not monitored very closely otherwise until it is brought to the attention of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and it seems suspiciously like the actions that meat lobbyists would take to deter competitors.

A company providing an alternative to eating meat now has to test on live animals. It’s sad that a company trying to do its part to end animal testing must now face the choice of testing on live animals or lose a lot of money by refusing to sell its products to Canada. Animal cruelty is something everyone frowns upon when it occurs anywhere but outside a lab. Why is it that when it’s for a human’s gain, it suddenly becomes okay? Please protest this cruel decision and urge the Honorable Rona Ambrose to rescind the decision by signing the petition below.


Dear Honorable Rona Ambrose,

The recent decision to ban the vegan food company, Field Roast, until it tests on live animals is a poor choice by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Field Roast offers a healthy alternative to meat products so vegans can continue to enjoy great tasting foods without the knowledge that an animal suffered for them to enjoy it. Now, the decision to ban Field Roast products in Canada until the company tests on live animals takes away its central purpose.

We need to be encouraging more people to eat foods that do not harm animals, and the actions of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency make this even more difficult. This decision reeks of meat lobbyists trying to silence their competitors. We should not be making this about politics, but more about doing the right thing and not testing on live animals.

Please do the right thing and allow Field Roast to sell its products in Canada so that vegans can enjoy them with the knowledge that no animals were harmed in making it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Natacha Pisarenko via Associated Press

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    Which idiot thought this one up?????

  2. This is an IDIOTIC Law & needs to be done away with or stop doing buisness with Canada! I agree “What Idiot thought this one up?”

  3. Gail DeLaney says:

    Question – If the product is good for us to eat, then why is it bad to give it to other animals?

    • To see if it cause allergic reactions, illness, basically to test if it is actually fit for human consumption. But honestly? This is a stupid law.

  4. How disgusting that they feel the need to do this obscenity when people have made their views clear that they fully support healthy vegan eating.
    They are beyond the pale.

  5. Ridiculous , simulated or not its made from already readily available ingredients its not a medicine – lots of animal tested chemicals that are linked to cancer are still used though its just corporate misleading and shameful ?

  6. It doesn’t make sense – don’t do it! The thinking here is flawed — don’t do it — do NOT test on animals!

  7. OMG how absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  8. This is disgusting. This company is trying to do the right thing ethically and are being forced to do something that firstly is unnecessary and secondly is something they find morally wrong. Canada strikes again!!!

  9. OMG – how insane and pervers is that?!

  10. What are they gona do?Force poor little mice to eat tofu!! That’s terrible!!I’m sorry!! I just very recently became a Vegan!!Seriously though this makes No DAMN SENSE!!The whole reason to produce animal cruelty free Vegan food is that it’s ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE!!It has gota be unconstitutional to force them to violate their own beliefs&principles!!!!Don’t let them get away with this!!!

    • Oh,it’s a Canadian company.No Constitution then?It’s gota violate some kinda law!!They can test it on me then!! I volunteer!!It is wrong to force animals to do anything against their will!!!!

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