Do Not Send Ringling’s Tigers to Another Circus

Target: Jim Kurth, Deputy Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Do not grant Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus a permit to ship its tigers overseas.

The controversial Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has finally held its last show, which gave the public hope that the animals under their control would now live a better life. Unfortunately, Ringling is allegedly trying to obtain a permit to ship its tigers to a circus in Germany. These animals have suffered long enough and it is time to give them the life they deserve.

Life at Ringling was a “nightmare” for these tigers according to an undercover report. Reportedly, the animals were often kept in small cages and confined closely together. Tigers are loners and the close quarters sparked many fights between the animals. In addition to the physical issues, these animals also suffered mentally. The animal trainer who led the undercover investigation reported that the tigers displayed many signs of distress and would flinch away whenever a whip or prod was lifted.

The circus Ringling is trying to send its tigers to, the Zirkus Crone in Munich, also has a history of alleged animal abuse and neglect. Sign this petition and demand these tigers are brought to a sanctuary where they can happily live out the rest of their days.


Dear Mr. Kurth,

Reportedly, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has filed for a permit to send its tigers to Zirkus Crone, another circus in Germany that has a questionable history in regards to animal welfare. These animals have already suffered enough. It is time to retire them to an accredited sanctuary where they can happily live out the rest of their days.

Between the mental and physical strain of performing ridiculous tricks in front of large crowds and the stress of captivity, these tigers have suffered greatly. An undercover investigation was held examining what life is like for the big cats in the circus, and according to reports, it is a “nightmare.” The tigers were often kept in small, bare cages right next to other tigers, which sparked fights since tigers live alone in the wild. In addition, reports stated that the tigers displayed fear every time a whip or prod was lifted, suggesting that these animals have been abused and beaten. Many of the tigers have countless scars all over their bodies from these various incidents.

Please do not grant Ringling a permit to send these animals to yet another miserable life trapped in the circus. These animals have suffered long enough and it is time to bring them to a sanctuary and let them live out their lives the way nature intended.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: chensiyuan

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  1. Animals are not on this earth for our mindless amusement-End All Animal Abuse & Cruelty, NOW! #RespectLife

  2. Doris Khong says:

    This serves as a GENTLE REMINDER for HUMANS to BE KIND, THINK RIGHT and DO GOOD!!! Always REMEMBER that GOD IS WATCHING and that KARMA does exist as What Goes Around Comes Around!!! Blessings to ALL THOSE KIND SOULS who are ALWAYS there to SUPPORT and to VOICE for all the voiceless, helpless ANIMALS that were created for us to respect, to love, to care and to protect them and NOT otherwise!!! And prayers to all those poor souls that were tortured and murdered ALIVE so that their souls will rest in peace and that they will not be re-born as animals again!!! Let there be LOVE and PEACE on earth so that every living being can live peacefully thus happily!!! PLEASE LOVE ALL ANIMALS and EVERY LIVING BEING; and you will be blessed abundantly!!!

  3. Melanie Spell says:

    PLEASE!!!….DO NOT GIVE THE RINGLING BROTHERS OR ANYONE ELSE A PERMIT TO SEND OR SHIP THEIR TIGERS TO ANYONE OTHER THAN A REPUTABLE SANCTUARY where they can finally live their lives in peace while being taken care of by people who actually respect and care about them. ANIMALS NEED TO BE PROTECTED and EXCLUDED FROM “ALL” CIRCUSES WORLDWIDE!!!

  4. Tanya Knappman says:

    Please do not allow these majestic creatures be put in another circus (Jail)!!!!!!!! Let them be at peace and live like Tigers should live! !

  5. Wendy Morrison says:

    Release these tigers only to ANIMAL SANCTUARIES!!

  6. Please. No permit. These beautiful creatures deserve to be sent to a sanctuary and live out the time they have left. They have suffered enough. Please do the right thing and you will be blessed, Mr. Kurth.

  7. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Set them free, stop moving them around from circus to circus. This is cruel for any wild animal!!!!

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