Stop Breeding Big Cat Hybrids Doomed to Short, Painful Lives

Target: Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Ban the breeding of ligers and tigons, who usually have health problems.

Lions and tigers may be technically able to interbreed, but that doesn’t mean they should be forced to. The two species would never meet in the wild, so they’re only bred together in captivity. The effects on offspring vary based on which species is the mother and which is the father. For ligers, which have tigers for mothers and lion fathers, gigantism is a problem. Birth defects are not uncommon and their hearts can give out. Tigons, which come about from a female lion and a male tiger, suffer from neurological conditions.

Ligers are more common than tigons, but both often die prematurely. Ligers are difficult for the tiger mother to give birth to, leading to a high incidence of death during childbirth and then a high rate of cub death. There are other big cat hybrids, like leopards mixed with either lions or jaguars. The animals are bred for novelty and profit, since large crowds come from all over to see these genetic anomalies. Sign this petition to ban the interbreeding of big cats.


Dear Mr. Perdue,

Ligers and tigons are being bred in spite of the severe health problems they’re very likely to face. Tigons in particular rarely survive infancy, and ligers grow to such an enormous size that their hearts cannot keep up. Arthritis and cancer are also thought to be more common for ligers than either of their parents. Tigers have trouble giving birth to the lion-tiger hybrids, so it’s not uncommon for them to die during the birth. A C-section is often required for safety’s sake. There are a few examples of big cat hybrid species living long healthy lives, but by and large that’s not the case.

Ligers’ health problems are controversial but well documented. Their lifespans are known to be shorter than either of their parents, yet people will pay extra to see them. Sometimes zoos even sell the hybrids to private collectors, who may or may not have the ability to provide for the animals’ unique needs. Since the hybrids are not found in nature, they hold no conservation value, yet their health issues make them more expensive for zoos to care for. Please stop immoral handlers from the irresponsible interbreeding of large wild cat species.


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Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Remember that excellent saying: Money is the root of all

  2. Deborah Boychuk says:

    Make them prove evolution…force them to cross breed with apes. They claim we’re relatives

  3. KatWrangler says:

    These Big Cats would not produce offspring in Nature. They do not inhabit the same ecological niches. So doing this is a crime against Nature itself. And all for money. What a disgustingly human thing to do.

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better Katwrangler, thank you.
      They breed and lot in China so that the bones essentially can be used for their potents and the gentiles for the wine making, teeth for jewellery etc…. So barbaric. The animals are just given enough to eat to get them to a size even though they are so emaciated, they don’t care.

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