Make Animal Abuse a Felony

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Target: Mr. Dustin Oedekoven, South Dakota State Veterinarian

Goal: Support efforts to make animal abuse and torture a felony in South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the only states in the nation where animal abuse and torture is a misdemeanor instead of a felony. A new bill will be sent to the legislature this year to finally change this horrible state of affairs. Support Mr. Dustin Oedekoven, the State Veterinarian who helped orchestrate the new bill, and help make sure the South Dakota government knows you support this important bill.

South Dakota has a dismal track record on protecting animals, and is the only state left in the nation where severe cruelty to animals is only a misdemeanor offence. For the last few years new bills that would have changed the crime to a felony have died in the legislature. But there is new hope during this legislative session. Under the guidance of Mr. Oedekoven, a compromise bill has been created that has the backing of both animal rights groups and the agriculture lobby. This bill is a huge step forward for South Dakota, but it still has to get past the legislative branch and be signed into law.

Make sure your voice is heard on this important issue and show the government of South Dakota that protecting animals has the support of the people.


Dear Mr. Oedekoven,

Animal abuse and torture are not being taken seriously in South Dakota, which is the only state in the nation where these crimes are a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Under your guidance, a new bill to make animal abuse a felony is set to go in front of the South Dakota legislative branch this year. This bill is the culmination of a difficult compromise between animal rights groups and the agriculture industry.

Due to your leadership this new compromise bill has a real chance to pass and be adopted into law, but it’s not there yet. It’s easy for our representatives to get distracted from issues like this unless we keep the issue in front of them, and show them that the rights of animals are important to the people they represent.

Mr. Oedekoven, I urge you to keep evangelizing this bill to the South Dakota government, to get it passed this legislative session. It is time for South Dakota to join the other states in making animal cruelty a felony. I support this bill and so do the people of this nation.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Oh please yes yes yes! Animal abuse should Most DEFINITELY be made a
    Felony!! Absolutely!! PLEASE

  2. Torturing and abusing animals must be treated as a serious crime.Cruelty towards animals is certainly a felony.

  3. Paul Bodnick says:

    What a backward state

  4. Maria Lucia de Souza says:

    It is time for people enter a civilized age. Cruelty is not acceptable as if we stil lived in a primitive world.
    Wake up authorities!!!

  5. Animal abuse should have been a felony hundreds of years ago. Humans are more behind than all the rears lined up side by side.

  6. I really do hope this is pasted , as people who hurt or ill treat any animal big or small should be treated exactly the way they have been treating the animal, they have done nothing to deserve any cruelty, so come down on them hard and make these people suffer.

  7. Paul Bodnick says:

    Hang them by their gonads

  8. aristide armaganc says:

    Remember, animals are like babies. No voice. No way to speak out. Unable to escape. And like babies, they are used and abused in every way a human can conceive. Same impulse, different species. Think about it. Mutilation, hanging, burning, knifing, abandonment, starvation, sexual abuse. Each of these, and more, have been brought to bear on babies and the same on animals. Same impulse, different species. Are we not the supreme predator?

  9. I wished it the punishment was more than a felony but at least it is a start. Lets start punishing more people across the country by law jail sentence.

  10. If I had my way it would be death! to each and every time! That would send a strong message to anyone who would consider doing cruelty That is what we need to stop animal cruelty let them all know we mean business in protecting the innocent animals and wildlife

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