Commend Pork Producer for Demanding Better Treatment of Pigs


Target: Donnie Smith, CEO, Tyson Foods

Goal: Applaud new animal welfare demands from America’s largest pork producer

Tyson Foods, the largest pork producer in the United States, has announced that it will require new animal welfare standards from its contract suppliers. In order to meet the growing consumer demand for more humanely sourced meat, the company will be inspecting all of its suppliers to ensure that changes are properly implemented. Tyson will also require video surveillance to be installed in each farm, reducing the chance that abuse will go unnoticed.

Among the changes will be an end to gestation crates, small and filthy enclosures for pregnant sows in which they cannot move or turn around. The pork giant will request larger pens, with improved quality and quantity of space, to “allow sows of all sizes to stand, turn around, lie down and stretch their legs.”

Tyson Foods is also demanding an end to euthanasia of piglets via blunt force trauma. This will disallow the practice of bashing piglets’ skulls onto floors or walls in order to kill them, a cheap and widely-used way to dispose of unwanted male piglets. Pain mitigation methods will now be used during tail docking and castration.

This announcement comes just weeks after the producer dropped a supplier for animal cruelty. The Oklahoma-based operation’s contract was terminated after video footage surfaced of plant workers kicking, hitting with wooden boards, and gouging the eyes of pigs.

Tyson Foods is making a marked effort to reduce animal cruelty in the hog farming industry. These small changes will make a world of difference to sows, who often spend most of their lives in gestation crates, as well as nearly every pig on a Tyson farm. Commend Tyson Foods’ push for more compassionate farming, and encourage them to continue raising United States farm welfare standards.


Dear Donnie Smith, CEO, Tyson Foods,

Tyson Foods has recently announced a demand for increased animal welfare standards among suppliers. The changes will include the replacement of gestation crates with larger, more comfortable enclosures. No longer will farm workers be allowed to bash the skulls of piglets against floors in order to euthanize them, and pain mitigation measures will be required for tail docking and castration. These changes will be enforced by an increase in third-party inspections and video surveillance installations.

These changes, combined with the recent termination of a producer for its cruel methods, demonstrate Tyson Foods’ effort to become a more compassionate producer. Thank you for setting a positive welfare example for the American hog farming industry, and please continue to do so.


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Photo credit: SlimVirgin via Wikimedia Commons

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  2. I believe no matter how much taking Tyson and all the other meat producers talk they are slow to actually do anything about it. More like “later than sooner”. Who is going to actually oversea the piglets operations and will there actually be a valid camera running or will cruel people be able to adjust it now and then. How many years down the road do you really think they will do all they promise? Many many years as it drags by they will say next year, next year. They are not going to adjust their ways of doing business any time soon at all. How about Tyson’s chickens that can’t even walk they are so big because of the medicines pumped into them. They can’t even get to food or water because their legs won’t support all the abnormal weight they have gained. Also how about when they are tossed into crates waiting to take them hours and hours away to the slaughter house in a truck whether it is freezing out or hotter than hell. How are they then when they arrive. Almost dead. Cows are trained or trucked for so many hours to the slaughter house they are so tired they can’t even walk out of the truck or train. They have to crawl. Life of any of the animals we eat is HELL. No two ways about it. People who work in these places become heartless and mean and use the animals any way they want to take their hatefulness out. I just wish someone would do the same to them too.

  3. “…humanely sourced meat…”

    Are you serious? YOU SERIOUS?!? You must be kidding me! No pork should be produced at all. There’s no humane meat, for *’s sake!

    (Replace * with whichever word you wish. Oh look – I gave you freedom of choice! Unlike the pigs, which are not asked “Would you wish to be raised in horrible conditions and slaughtered to feed some asshole’s ass, please?”…)

  4. I am please he is doing this, but it is not far enough by far, these wonderful pigs are very bright and love to be with each other, I do not eat meat at all, and I no people will always eat meat, but why can we not just make there lives better, they have enough hardship just being born into this awful world, and even that is not done normally any more, they make all the animals have more baby animals as fast as they can, money, what a bloody pain.

  5. Non c’è nulla di umano e di compassionevole nell’uccidere animali per cibarsene!!! Esistomo alternative1 Non fatevi ingannare e smettete di mangiare esseri senzienti!!!

  6. I emailed them once and i think with our efforts, we at least got them to take a step towards this! See , every small thing counts , whether its emailing or phoning a cruel company. Doesnt matter, it counts!

  7. Let’s hp[e more follow suit and then we can have a better world for the animals and give them better happier lives

  8. Natasha polychuk Natasha polychuk says:

    commend an asshole i don’t think so

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