Illegalize Dangerous and Cruel Practice of Dog ‘Ear Cropping’


Target: Barack Obama, President of the United States

Goal: Make it illegal for owners to perform at-home ear cropping on their own dogs

There has been a trend going on with dog owners called “cropping,” where they snip parts of their dog’s ears so that they stand upright. Although it is done mostly for aesthetic appeal, some dog owners say they notice a reduction in ear infections in their dogs as well. Usually veterinarians use full anesthesia to perform the procedure on the dogs so that it doesn’t cause them any pain, but recently pet owners have been attempting to perform the procedure at home by themselves. This has been sending dogs to the emergency room for immediate care due to excessive bleeding and infections caused by unsanitary equipment.

There are already so many dangerous implications to having the procedure done at a veterinarian’s office, so the threat is even greater when it is carelessly being done at home. While most European countries have totally outlawed ear cropping, the trend is still widespread in the United States. There needs to be a law put in place to ban the at-home cropping of dogs’ ears. It should be a procedure that is only performed in veterinarian offices, not at home.

A dog’s ears are sensitive like a human’s ears and should be treated with care, not snipped for aesthetic appeal by their owners. Please sign this petition to ask the president of the United States to help us come up with a bill to stop this horrendous dog trend.


Dear Barack Obama, President of the United States,

A person with no prior experience and without the proper sterilized equipment should never be allowed to crop a dog’s ears. An average person performing the procedure would cause infections and not know how to heal wounds. Not only is it cruel to crop dog’s ears, it is also extremely painful. Even if the procedure absolutely needs to be performed, it is still a cosmetic procedure that should be done by a licensed veterinarian. The dog should always be under anesthesia to make sure they are not feeling any pain. It is unusually cruel for a pet owner to perform the cropping procedure themselves.

There is nothing sadder than to see a dog in a shelter with wounded evidence from an at-home cropping job. As president of the United States, please come up with a law banning this practice.


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Photo Credit: Ewa Ziemska via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. what a load of twxts, evil and stupid, who do they think they are. cut your own of.

  2. You think you have heard everything. Stop animal ear cropping

  3. I’m 100% against ear cropping but the President is an inappropriate target for this. This needs to be targetted towards legislators as they are the ones who actually make the law of the land.

  4. Stop ear cropping, tail cropping PERIOD! Do humans think they can improve of what God has made??? That is a slap in the face to the almighty.

  5. The only reason why I am not signing this petition is because it is not aggressive enough. It could lead to further neglect and abuse. It only disallows the owner from ear cropping. We should follow example of other countries and ban it all together! Not just make it illegal for pet owners to do it. We don’t need another frivolous law on the books that will cause further problems not solve the problem. We have too many laws on the book that don’t work. Make the petition stronger and I will sign and encourage others to do so as well. Sounds nice but think down the road and take human nature into account and you can see the harm this law would do. If nature intended cropped ears and docked tails for dogs then that is the way they would come out to begin with! I had Red Dobi unaltered and she was drop dead gorgious, ears, tails and all!

  6. This is so sad to see. I hope they do make it illegal for anyone to crop their ears. It is just not the right thing to do yourself and why take a risk of infection just to save a Vets bill.

  7. Cloris Silva says:

    E inacetavel cortar orelha e rabo, Acho um absurdo.

  8. Please make this illegal!!!! Obama: stop caring for humans !!!!! Im so tired of it! How bout animals ?? Humans can defend themselves but not animals!!!

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    Dogs be Everyone smile I really want once again to
    recognize care Of most more dogs. Thank for you dogs.
    DOGS come great!

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