Stop Pet Stores from Selling Puppy Mill Dogs


Target: Edward Sullivan, Mayor of West Springfield

Goal: Prevent pet stores in Western Massachusetts from buying animals from commercial breeders

An animal rights group in West Springfield, Massachusetts has requested an ordinance that will crack down on pet stores selling animals from puppy mills and kitten factories, which has become an increasing problem in the area. The main reason these operations have been able to thrive is because of the demand pet stores have provided them. The animals of Western Massachusetts deserve our protection and this ordinance must be passed immediately.

The ordinance, requested by Western Massachusetts Animal Rights Advocates (WMARA), is intended to crack down on pet stores that sell animals from breeders who abuse and neglect them. “Puppy mills are inhumane and unsanitary commercial breeding facilities for dogs in which the health of the dogs is disregarded to maintain a low overhead and maximize profits,” the ordinance states. “For example, by keeping parent dogs in cages for their entire lives without adequate food, water, veterinary care, or socialization, breeding females multiple times per year with little to no recovery time between litters, and breeding dogs regardless of whether they carry congenital or hereditary diseases.”

The group acknowledges that not every pet for sale in Western Massachusetts comes from such a place, but hopes that those that do will be shut down and more adoption choices will be available to the public. This includes offering exemptions to hobby breeders and pet stores that work with shelters. “The adoption of regulations governing the sale of dogs and cats in West Springfield will promote community awareness of animal welfare, foster a more humane environment, and encourage pet consumers to adopt dogs and cats from shelters, thereby saving animals’ lives and reducing the cost to the public of sheltering animals,” the ordinance continues.

To many this sounds like a ridiculous proposal, but major cities throughout the United States have already banned the sale of commercially bred animals, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Albuquerque. The ordinance cannot be submitted for consideration without sponsorship from a counselor or the mayor, but with enough support we can make this happen. Please sign the petition below and demand that West Springfield ban the sale of animals from puppy mills and kitten factories.


Dear Mayor Sullivan,

Western Massachusetts Animal Rights Advocates recently requested an ordinance for West Springfield that would stop pet stores from selling animals that were bred in puppy mills or kitten factories and give more incentives to pet stores that get their animals from hobby breeders and shelters. This has become a growing problem and what keeps these abusive and neglectful commercial breeders in business is that the demand is still so high.

The ordinance cannot be submitted for consideration without sponsorship from yourself or a city council member. Please support this ordinance and help put an end to these cruel operations.


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  1. All breeders should be closed down. Pet shops should not sell animals. The only moral route is to adopt through a reputable animal shelter !!!

  2. I think it’s funny the idea that we cannot sell humans but we can sell other animals. What’s the difference? Those animals are mistreated – they’re only seen as “factories”. Would you ever buy a son? I don’t think so. Adopt is the best thing to do: you save an animal’s life and earn a lot of love and compassion (and a son or daughter ^^). Stop selling animals. They’re not products; they’re alive and have feelings.

  3. every one who ever harms any kind of animal is a natures abomination.they have to be destroyed.prison.maximum penalty.

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