Demand Magician Cancel SeaWorld Performance

Target: Calvin Kai Ku, Magician

Goal: Do not perform at SeaWorld San Antonio’s “Magic Weekend.”

SeaWorld attendance has been plummeting due to people learning about the cruelty behind the scenes, and now SeaWorld Antonio is hosting a “Magic Weekend” as an attempt to raise ticket sales. Magician Calvin Kai Ku plans on performing despite knowing the horrors the animals imprisoned at SeaWorld face.

Many of the animals trapped in SeaWorld were stolen from the wild and taken away from their families. In the wild, these incredibly intelligent animals can swim miles upon miles in a single day. At SeaWorld, their only choice is to swim around in a never ending circle. These animals suffer mentally and physically every day they are kept in SeaWorld’s tanks.

Sign this petition and demand Calvin Kai Ku cancel his plans with SeaWorld San Antonio.


Dear Mr. Kai Ku,

Despite SeaWorld’s clear lack of respect for its animals, you still plan on performing at SeaWorld San Antonio’s “Magic Weekend.” Please do not endorse this cruelty.

Many of the animals held at SeaWorld were stolen from the wild and taken away from their families. They are now trapped in concrete tanks where they are denied everything that is natural to them. In the wild, these incredibly intelligent animals swim miles upon miles in a single day. At SeaWorld, they can only swim in an endless circle in their small, concrete tanks. SeaWorld is a prison for these animals where they suffer mentally and physically.

Please consider canceling your performance. Many other performers, including Willie Nelson, Cheap Trick, Martina McBride, and Barenaked Ladies, have canceled their plans with SeaWorld after learning about the horrors behind the scenes. I hope you make the compassionate choice to follow in their footsteps.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Yathin S Krishnappa

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  1. Animals are not on this earth for our mindless amusement, End all abuse & cruelty, NOW! ??

  2. Denise Devereux says:

    STOP exploiting these beautiful creatures of the ocean. Who do you think you are God! These are another species created by God and should be treated with respect and compassion. These creatures suffer both mentally and physically whilst held in captivity.
    The morale progress of a country can be judged by the way its animals are treated. To the perpetrattors, enablers and supporters of this abuse may the wraith of God come down on you and yours and hurt you where you will hurt most.

  3. This is one of the main reasons why we will never step foot in this establishment. And those that do attend these types of businesses are just uneducated and/or self centered.

  4. this whoring sons just want MONEY – nothing else MONEY – MONEY.
    The animals do not matter
    Cursed animal torments

  5. Let’s DO THE RIGHT THING and not always worry about the bottom line.

  6. Suzy Smith says:

    U go out there and swim around n jump thru hoops n do all that silly shit Sea animals are not meant to entertain humans

  7. Suzy Smith says:

    Let’s see the “kai ku”. Go flipping n swimming around for us to see… not the mammals I think that would b a better show than watching abused animaks “trained” to do silly stunts for human entertainment.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗️?

  9. Simon Rimmer says:

    All seaworlds should be closed, they are cruel and abusive to the animals. No animal should be used for human entertainment. Wild Animals deserve to be free!!!

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