Stop Trump’s Plans to Slaughter Wild Horses

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t cut essential funding for programs that provide food, land, and sterilization for America’s wild horses and burros.

Wild horses and burros are at risk of being euthanized or sold for slaughter under Trump’s new budget. The budget would make significant cuts to the Bureau of Land Management, to the tune of about $10 million, or around an eighth of the organization’s entire budget. This would cut funding for programs that house and feed over 46,000 wild horses, and would also reduce funding for sterilization programs.

Without these programs in place, many horses will die. Though slaughtering horses for consumption in America is illegal, horses can still be sold to Mexico or Canada for slaughter. The government will also be considering the culling of entire herds as a means of population management.

According to some governmental bodies, wild horses and burros are becoming overpopulated, negatively effecting the native plant life that they forage on. In turn, this is leaving no food for other species that rely on the grasslands for food. However, scientific evidence suggests that culling is not an effective means of population control, and cutting funding for sterilization programs will obviously not help the issue either.

While it is important that the government do its best to maintain the health of public land, killing horses is not a humane way to do so. If the government wants to control the population and reduce spending on horses, it should first escalate capture-sterilize-release programs as a long-term and effective method of population control. Sign the petition below to tell Trump that budget cuts to these programs are not only inhumane, but not financially wise.


Dear Mr. Trump,

Horses and burros are a classic part of the American landscape. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of them could soon be euthanized or sold for slaughter due to proposed new budget cuts to the Bureau of Land Management. These budget cuts would effect programs that feed the horses, give them land to live on, and sterilize them.

Though overpopulation is a danger to the environment, culling has been proven an ineffective means of population control, while removing funding for capture-sterilize-release programs will obviously not help. We, the undersigned, therefore ask you to choose a more long term and humane solution, such as more aggressive sterilization programs.


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Photo credit: J.B. Stran

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  1. Sonja Beyer says:

    Does he have only EVIL ideas?

    • Who said this was HIS idea?? If you knew anything Sonja, you would realize America’s wild horses & burros have been under attack for decades, it’s just continued to get worse due to the human greed for land they want their cattle to graze on, which does far more damage to the land than the horses due, plus there are FAR more cattle out there than horses! I guaranty you this cut is being pushed for by ranchers, and big oil, it’s NOT a new idea, and it’s NOT Trump who just thought of it to be evil, wake up!!

      • Trump’s budget cuts do not help the horses either. He cut the bureau of land management among many other departments. He obviously does not care about our wildlife.

        • Steve Day says:

          If the BLM used their budget for things they were created for then there would not be a problem. It’s wasteful spending on the part of over-reaching bureaucratic federal agencies that are fearing problems like this. Even under Obama the BLM was sending thousands of wild horses to slaughter houses in Mexico (via a rancher that was abusing their lack of oversight/care.

  2. Protejan a los caballos!!! No les dejen sin alimentos!!!

  3. STOP the Slaughter!!!!!!!

  4. Trump is a vile,repulsive scumbag.The USA has never had anyone so repulsive before that stuffs everything up!

  5. Wendy Morrison says:

    Let these wild horses and other animals HUNT & KILL THESE STUPID TRUMPS!

  6. Cynthia Mattera says:

    For anyone who voted for Trump, I hope that you now see you have put the devil in charge of our country! He is cutting budgets on the elderly, the veteran’s, middle class, EPA, and animal welfare. All he cares about is his title and big corporations. He continually signs “death warrants” for animals and seems to be proud of his doings. Just a disgusting, selfish human being!

  7. These horses and burros are part of America’s
    history Our Hertitage and protected for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.
    If you want to keep America Great then keep
    the beauty nature and wildlife which makes
    Our Great. Land unique and special. If you remove or Kill all the wildlife and destroy the natural beauty and all the historical monuments
    You are telling our country and the rest of the world that the United States values money and big concrete Structures as well as Big
    Corporations more than God’s gifts of beauty
    What a SAD statement for a great country
    If only money and glitter are of value
    This Is not a country to be proud of nor does it make America Great !!! VERY VERY SAD AND

  8. Marjorie Coey says:

    Horses, burros, donkeys, bullocks, etc. saved many, many peoples lives and livelihoods and made the West what it is…for shame! what a lout!

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