Stop Trump’s Plans to Slaughter Wild Horses

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t cut essential funding for programs that provide food, land, and sterilization for America’s wild horses and burros.

Wild horses and burros are at risk of being euthanized or sold for slaughter under Trump’s new budget. The budget would make significant cuts to the Bureau of Land Management, to the tune of about $10 million, or around an eighth of the organization’s entire budget. This would cut funding for programs that house and feed over 46,000 wild horses, and would also reduce funding for sterilization programs.

Without these programs in place, many horses will die. Though slaughtering horses for consumption in America is illegal, horses can still be sold to Mexico or Canada for slaughter. The government will also be considering the culling of entire herds as a means of population management.

According to some governmental bodies, wild horses and burros are becoming overpopulated, negatively effecting the native plant life that they forage on. In turn, this is leaving no food for other species that rely on the grasslands for food. However, scientific evidence suggests that culling is not an effective means of population control, and cutting funding for sterilization programs will obviously not help the issue either.

While it is important that the government do its best to maintain the health of public land, killing horses is not a humane way to do so. If the government wants to control the population and reduce spending on horses, it should first escalate capture-sterilize-release programs as a long-term and effective method of population control. Sign the petition below to tell Trump that budget cuts to these programs are not only inhumane, but not financially wise.


Dear Mr. Trump,

Horses and burros are a classic part of the American landscape. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of them could soon be euthanized or sold for slaughter due to proposed new budget cuts to the Bureau of Land Management. These budget cuts would effect programs that feed the horses, give them land to live on, and sterilize them.

Though overpopulation is a danger to the environment, culling has been proven an ineffective means of population control, while removing funding for capture-sterilize-release programs will obviously not help. We, the undersigned, therefore ask you to choose a more long term and humane solution, such as more aggressive sterilization programs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: J.B. Stran

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  1. What in the world is going on in Washington D.C.?? So it seems that no one cares about the environment, the endangered big cats and elephants (the Trump family has spent millions to go to Africa to KILL such beautiful innocent creatures!) in the White House, and now they want to SLAUGHTER all of our precious Mustangs ! Horses are the ultimate survivors and without THEM the West would never have been settled and farmed and they fought and DIED with our boys in WW I ! They carry our children for fun and accomplishments and adventures and keep them out of trouble and in the company of other good kids and animal lovers! They allow us elders to still get out into the stillness of Nature and still have our own adventures into our old age. They risk life and limb to carry our Olympians over huge jumps and fast cross country courses, and then they dance together in the beauty of dressage. These animals are NOT liabilities, they are NOT meat, and they certainly DO NOT BELONG TO TRUMP. They are OURS and why the VOTERS and TAXPAYERS are not GETTING A SAY in how to handle any problems that have been allowed to accumulate in the last decades IS A TRAVESTY AND A BETRAYAL of the AMERICAN PEOPLE! THIS WAS NOT ANYTHING LIKE WHAT TRUMP SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO TO ‘ Make America Great Again’ DURING THE CAMPAIGN! WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED OVER AND OVER re: HEALTH INSURANCE AND TAX REFORM…. BUT THIS HORRIBLE DECISION IS ABOUT LIFE AND DEATH. IF THIS TRAVESTY GOES FORWARD, it will NOT be FORGOTTEN and will NEVER BE FORGIVEN.

    • All I can say to Donald Trump is ” what goes around, will come back ten fold & my wish is it will be sooner then later.
      Why don’t you keep your nose out of this, & every thing else you have changed so this could be a better place to live…
      You are not happy to see things run smooth.
      Give you head a shake YOU are a very small person why don’t you ask your ( Son ) what he thinks about this or do you put your ( families ) head in the sand???????
      What’s your answer?

      • Trump’s son loves to trophy hunt so why are you asking him he’s loves to kill animals if there is a horse slaughter he’ll probably head up the killing these bastards have to be stopped

  2. what do expect they think the horse is no longer any use so of course they have to kill it this country should be ashamed even to think such a thing these beautiful helped make north america what it is today stop the slaughter now

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