Animal abusers from Animal Control must be punished by law

Target: Government of Kazakhstan,

Pets are being stolen and inhumanely killed by Animal Control workers in my country Kazakhstan.
Almaty Animal Control Center worker steals and kills a dog in his car trunk, Kazakhstan, May 23, 2017
A dog was stolen and locked in the trunk of a car that belongs to the worker of Animal Control Center in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Young Husky died from suffocation and heat stroke before the police came and forced the car owner to open the door.
Volunteers came to The Animal Control Center that morning to save a few dogs, and saw a car parked right by the entrance. They heard weak crying and breathing coming out of the trunk. The workers of the Animal Control Center told the volunteers that the car didn’t belong to them. The volunteers called the police, and it turned out the car belonged to the driver of the Animal Control Center Ilya Kamazaev. When he opened the trunk, the dog was already dead.
Ilya told the police that the dog belonged to him, and he decided to get rid of the dog by locking her in the trunk and leaving to die. He assured the police that he has all documents to prove it was his dog, and that he couldn’t leave the dog at The Animal Control Center where he works because it was closed and wasn’t accepting dogs that day.
As it turned out Ilya was lying, and a real owner of the Husky was found the same day after this cruel incident. 19 year old Asem recognized her dog by the pictures on Instagram, she was shocked and couldn’t stop crying all night. She submitted the report to the police right away, and at the moment Ilya is believed to have lost his job at the Animal Control Center together with another worker involved in the incident.
The purebred dogs are believed to be stolen from the backyards by the workers of Animal Control and later sold. Asem’s dog Umka disappeared from her backyard almost a month ago, and Asem was looking for her dog all the time through social media and dog related websites.
Volunteers and animals support groups of Almaty are continuously fighting to change the laws about treatment of homeless pets. At the moment Animal Control Center that is sponsored by the government use inhumane ways of catching the dogs with fish lines that break into the skin and sometimes break the necks of the dogs. The dogs are kept 3 days or less in the small cages without any air conditioning or water/food, and then killed using Lysthenon without anesthesia. It means that dogs die suffering slowly, but its one of the cheapest methods available.
Please help us to spread the message about the inhumane treatment of pets in Kazakhstan, we want to make sure all workers responsible for animal abuse are punished by law and are removed from their positions at Animal Control Center, volunteers are allowed to work at the Center to be able to control the quality of animals lives, and our government opens the city shelter and assists in reuniting with the dog owners and in adoption events.

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