Demand Maximum Punishment for Throwing Away Dogs

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Target: U.S. Department of Justice

Goal: Secure the maximum punishment for animal abusers convicted of throwing dogs in dumpsters

A kennel attendant at a Long Island, New York animal shelter was recently arrested on animal abuse and abandonment charges after allegedly throwing a dog into a dumpster and leaving it for dead. According to local police, the man was asked by an acquaintance to bring two dogs to the shelter where he worked. Instead, he reportedly abandoned the first dog on the street. The second dog was found wrapped in a plastic bag that was placed inside of a cardboard box and then thrown into a gas station dumpster.

Sadly, this is not the first time that an animal has been thrown away. Last fall, Peaches, a senior Beagle, was left in a trash bin outside of a Michigan animal shelter–despite the fact that the shelter’s drop-off pens were all available. Peaches survived her terrifying night in the dumpster, enduring below freezing temperatures, and was discovered by the shelter director the following morning. Unfortunately, the party responsible for Peaches’ mistreatment has not yet been found.

Animal abusers cannot continue to get away with this heartless behavior. Let the U.S. Department of Justice know that these abusive actions will not be tolerated and urge government officials to do their part to ensure that animal abusers receive the maximum sentence for their heinous crimes.


Dear U.S. Department of Justice,

Every year millions of dogs are beaten and abandoned, many of them thrown into dumpsters and left to die. While I appreciate the work the U.S. Government has done to increase the number of states with first-offense felony provisions in regards to aggravated animal cruelty and companion animal cruelty, in order to further decrease abuse the government must establish cruelty to animals as a first-offense felony.

By enforcing maximum sentences for those convicted of animal abuse, you can help prevent defenseless dogs from being abandoned in dumpsters where they will most likely die a cruel, slow death as a result of dehydration, starvation or suffocation.

I implore you to do whatever you can to help ensure that animal abusers are penalized to the full extent of the law. We simply cannot allow individuals who abandon and abuse defenseless animals to continue to escape the courts with little or no penalty.


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Photo credit: dgoomany via Flickr

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  1. Jacqueline Hollis says:

    Dogs are so loyal loving and innocent.
    How could anyone be so cruel.
    Punish abusers harming or throwing dogs away to the max!

  2. Patricia Wicker says:

    I do not understand why the Human Race is so very cruel! No Animal should be Abused, all they want is our Love and a Chance at a Loving Home. WE NEED STRICTER LAWS. This Cruelty Needs to be Stopped.

  3. Vicki Surma says:

    These abusers should be spending years in prison. This abuse does not stop with animals, it leads to abusive relationships, and children, and mankind in general. I don’t even know if therapy could help, maybe electroshock. Michael Vic should never have gotten out, let alone let him have another dog…because of his children. How much of his abuse did they see? You just don’t stop, you suppress and hide your evil. If he thought it was acceptable to start with, why did he hide it and bury his poor victims. He is evil! All who abuse animals are evil.

  4. Yes, enforce a maximum sentencing law everywhere. The animal is the victim and the human ( cough choke cough) is the criminal.There should be no differences made in respect to the severity of the crime and that these are indeed victims and not just animals. It is time to clean up this planet and stop letting criminals get away with their sick hideous crimes, just because the resemble a human being.They won’t put them to death which would be my first and only choice,and they can’t be cured, so send them to a maximum prison colony for the rest of their unnatural lives.

  5. Alice Cheang says:

    This is horrendous! Stricter protection law for animals and harsher punishments for abusers please! These pitiful animals are so innocent and defenseless, it is the law’s responsibility and duty to watch over them!

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