Save Pigs from Cruel Medical Training Exercises


Target: Carin Hagberg, M.D., University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Department of Anesthesiology Chair

Goal: Stop the University of Texas from using pigs when training new anesthesiologists

The University of Texas Health Science Center’s Department of Anesthesiology has been using live pigs to train their new anesthesiologists. Not only is it unethical to make the students train on pigs, it is also an ineffective way to teach students how to operate on people.

The use  of animals in procedures that can cause serious harm is both unethical and unnecessary. Technology has gotten more sophisticated over the years, and there are now other procedures and inventions that have the ability to replicate the human body just as well as live animal, without needing to be performed on a living animal or human being.

For example, one innovation called the Centraline Man allows medical professionals and trainees to get the practice they need by using actual time ultra sound guidance during catheter placement. Not only does the machines provide a real working ultra sound, but it simulates real human tissues, too. Using this training tool would save the lives of hundreds of animals that are currently being used for training.

Please help end the use of animals for these training sessions. Anatomical and physiological differences between pigs and humans show that this type of training falls short of usual standards and needs to be changed. Please sign this petition to stop the abuse of animals at the University of Texas Health Science Center.


Dear Carin Hagberg, M.D. UT Health Science Center at Houston Department of Anesthesiology Chair,

It has been reported that the University of Texas’ anesthesiologists have been using pigs to practice catheter training. We think that the use of animals for these types of procedures is cruel, irresponsible, and outdated. There is no need for the use of animals when there is equipment especially made for this type of training. By using new technological training innovations, the University of Texas health students can still receive the training they need without harming any animals.

As the chair of the department of anesthesiology, please provide the anesthesiologists with Centraline Man machines instead of animals. Since these machines are able to mimic elements of a real human body, it would be much more beneficial for your trainees to use them rather than live animals. Please end the use of pigs for training, and adopt more humane alternative training methods instead.


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Photo Credit: Scott Bauer, U.S. Department of Agriculture via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sanaa Bejjani says:

    Stop experiment on animals it’s inhumane,test on your self.

  2. why do these people use such sweet and loving animals, do they think they can not feel pain, what they do is barbaric, there are people who could be used and should be used, the murders, rapist, and people who hurt children, but not animals of any kind.

  3. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Be humane.. what is wrong with this world?
    Use other methods that are available to you!
    Please stop this now!

  4. Any medical training who torture and inflict such heinous barbaric cruelty to animal is as offensive, vile and disgusting as their training. You could never be the doctor as you are supposed to be if you could conduct the most sickening cruelty to living beings when there are numerous alternatives to use and think that you could look after humans aNY BETTER. Its no wonder the medical profession continually fail to meet the standards they are supposed to be at if this is how you train medical staff. You are nothing but butchers and criminals and people should avoid being treated by people of such indecent calibre and without any morals. Its no wonder most of you in this profession are the very craps who attend sick blood sports mile dog fighting, bear bating and such like across the USA. Nothing blood and gory fills your career as vile medical profession.

  5. Stop the abuse! It is not fair what these animals go through everyday! Please be in their shoes for a moment! Jeez! If i get a heart attack cuz of me getting outraged& frustrated & all the negativity of constantly everyday reading about animal abuse, dont blame me! Its you guys fault! Lets see if thats how you’ll stop! Oh but wait! Thats right! That medical training and animal abusers do not have brains!!! They’re worthless!!! So they wouldnt care bout pple either… What a disgrace to the human race….

  6. How in the world can people majoring in the medical professions do such unethical things such as abusing animals but eventually work in the medical field claiming to be so ethical. How does one feel like they are good people when they perform cruel acts over and over again.

  7. Say: Carin Hagberg, M.D., University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Department of Anesthesiology Chair when the doctors said, ” My learned colleges. ” They weren’t talking to you were they! Because in this day and age with all the advanced learning technology ,that not only does away with live subjects, it also trains the students better. So how about joining the rest of us in this century and do right by your student? Most of all, end the pain and suffering that is being inflicted on these innocent animals,just because you refuse to evolve.Try it you will like it and so will everyone else. Especially your victims.


    All this ABUSE has to STOP. What is this WORLD coming to. Can this PEOPLE Sleep good at Night knowing how Cruel they are being.

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