Require Restaurants to Donate to Animal Sanctuaries

Target: Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: All restaurants serving meat should be required to make a yearly donation to an animal sanctuary.

It’s common place for most restaurants to sell dishes containing meat. While many people still enjoy eating meat, consuming it is a very cost heavy endeavor. The production of meat not only heavily contributes to the destruction of our planet, but it also takes away millions of lives. Every day, thousands of animals lose their lives because people think they taste good. While completely eliminating meat might not be right around the corner, there are ways to help save animals destined for slaughter.

Animal sanctuaries take in farm animals destined for the slaughterhouse and farm animals coming from abusive situations. These organizations run solely on the donations of supporters. Many of these sanctuaries help to alleviate heavy costs by creating and selling their own merchandise. The profit from these goods goes directly back to the sanctuary where it is used to cover food, shelter, medical bills and transportation costs. Most of the employees are actually volunteers who work other jobs in addition to helping out at the sanctuaries. These people help abused and sick animals get better and live out the fullest lives they can.

Requiring restaurants to donate to farm sanctuaries wouldn’t be undoing all the damage they’ve done by selling meat, but it would contribute some good in the lives of the animals. The production of meat is a very environmentally destructive procedure. Thousands of animals have to be raised to a certain weight before they are slaughtered. Raising these animals takes food away from people who truly need it. In addition to destroying acres of valuable natural land, producing meat requires animals to be slaughtered. If restaurants had to donate yearly to an animal sanctuary, they might reconsider selling as much meat as they do. Please sign this petition to help support farm sanctuaries while cutting down on the production of meat.


Dear Mr. Perdue,

Thousands of animals are sent to slaughterhouses every day to supply restaurants with meat for their customers. While completely eliminating meat from all restaurants may not be the answer just yet, there are ways to help reduce the number of animals slaughtered.

Farm sanctuaries are dedicated organizations that take in the slaughter bound, sick and abused farm animals. Many of these animals, once rescued, only live a few short days. But in those few short days, those animals know love and they know peace.

The meat industry not only takes lives, it also pollutes and destroys the environment. The production of meat requires large amounts of water and food to produce a small amount of actual meat. This requires a lot of land to raise cattle, land that could have been used to provide food for our growing population. Requiring restaurants to donate yearly to farm animal sanctuaries would continue to support farm sanctuaries, which rely on donations, and would motivate restaurants to reconsider their meat-heavy menus. I urge you to save lives and the environment by making restaurants do a little good for those they use so callously.


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Photo Credit: Scott Bauer

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Excellent idea!

  2. Tony DeLia says:

    You clearly have no idea who Sonny Perdue is. He relishes in the torture and abuse of animals through Big Ag. You would have had the same likelihood of success by petitioning Hitler to put more Jews in power in his government. Did you know that one the first acts of Sonny “Mengele” Perdue was to take down the online database of criminal animal abusers and the record of their criminal abuse the USDA used to maintain? Trump’s administration is like the world’s greatest gift to animal abusers.

    • Neville Bruce says:

      I totally agree with you, and I totally agree with Linda Hilty-Tuttle too! It’s a marvellous idea that surely won’t work – but should be tried anyway : )


  4. Arlene Sidenstick says:

    Stop killing animals that god put on the earth dogs and horses etc needs to stop and fine all abuser and put them in prison for life animals are humans to

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