Create Weather App to Help Pet Parents

Target: Dr. Louis W. Uccellini, Director of the National Weather Service

Goal: Provide pet parents with weather information for their pets.

The national weather reports are a vital service to the public. While the national weather service provides people with all the information they need to know to stay safe or stay dry, it doesn’t provide the same information for pet parents. Animals are susceptible to different weather conditions, unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of this.

Weather reports on the tv, on the radio and on phone apps should give pet parents the same weather information as it relates to their animals. Seventy degrees outside may not seem hot, but paw pads can get burned walking on hot asphalt. Pet parents should also receive warnings about when to leave their pets at home in air conditioning, rather than leaving them in a car or taking them for a walk. These weather reports can also suggest when pet parents might want to provide their animals with some extra warmth or when to bring them inside.

People tend to think of animals as less affected by the weather than people are. Dogs can’t really put on a pair of sandals to protect their feet when they go outside and for many people, they just don’t think that the street might be burning to the touch. Another misconception people have is that dogs have all the fur they’ll need to keep warm. When it’s too cold for a person outside, then it’s probably too cold for an animal. The same can be said if it is too hot for a person, it’s probably too hot for an animal.

Weather phone apps should come with tips on how to keep animals safe and happy during the day based on predicted weather. Weather reports should put out warnings for pet parents so that they know to leave their dogs at home or to make sure their cats have extra water on a hot day. Please sign this petition to help protect thousands of animals from extreme weather.


Dear Doctor Uccellini,

Thousands of people rely on the weather service to get them the important information they need to know about the weather. People aren’t the only ones affected by the weather. Thousands of animals are subjected to extreme weather conditions because their humans aren’t aware of how it affects their animals.

National weather reports and phone applications should include tips and warnings for pet parents. Many people don’t think that on a nice sunny day, their dog could be in pain during their afternoon walk. But for a dog, the asphalt’s hot temperature on paw pads can cause excruciating pain, leaving burns all over. People also need to be reminded to leave their animals at home instead of bringing them and then leaving them in a hot car.

These tips and warnings would also benefit parents and their children. Not only would it make them more aware when it came to their pets, but it would also remind them to take care with their children too. By providing this valuable information, you would be making people more aware of how the weather affects every living being. Please provide pet parents with vital tips and warnings for keeping their animals safe and happy.


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Photo Credit: Luke Ma

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    This is SO IMPORTANT – people go about their daily lives oblivious to the weather their pets may have to endure. How many pets, even Police Dogs, have died because the
    person(s) responsible for their care completely forget about them and place them in dangerous situations.

  2. Tony DeLia says:

    It should be a Federal crime to place any individual that cannot remove themselves from a situation into a dangerous environment such as places of severe heat or cold: pets, children, the mentally disabled, the immobile, etc. Unfortunately such a law would have no clear benefits for the uber-wealthy so the Republican congress would not pass it.


  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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