Give Emotional Support Animals Training

Target: Jeff Sessions, Attorney General

Goal: Create service animal training for emotional support animals.

Service animals are generally described as dogs that have been trained to perform specific tasks for their handlers. The term service animal doesn’t cover emotional support animals nor therapy animals, often leaving disabled individuals unable to bring their service animal into public places. Emotional support animals should be given the same status as a service animal. In order to avoid potential conflicts, emotional support dogs would be given the same training that service dogs receive.

One reason many public places won’t allow emotional support animals is a poorly trained animal. Most service dogs go through fairly rigorous training in order to become qualified as service dogs. Emotional support dogs should be given the same training for behaving in public. Service dogs are trained for specific tasks, which emotional support animals aren’t, but should be. For people living with anxiety or other mental disorders, an emotional support animal is the only way they can go outside of their home.

By giving emotional support animals a rigorous training, they would be prepared to go into most situations. Their handlers would be able to take them into stores, onto planes, and into restaurants. People suffering from panic attacks could go to the grocery store with their dog that was trained to sense an oncoming attack. Anywhere a service dog was allowed would be open to emotional support animals.

Emotional support animals are often seen as pets that people just want to take with them. These dogs, however, are vital to a person’s everyday tasks. Some people can’t leave their house without their support animal, and just because they haven’t been given the same training doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held up to a standard like service dogs. Creating a training program for emotional support animals would qualify them as service animals. For thousands of individuals, that qualification can mean the world. Please sign this petition to push for the creation of a service animal training program that incorporates emotional support animals.


Dear Mr. Sessions,

Service animals are hardworking dogs that have been trained to perform specific tasks. Service dogs cannot be denied entrance into any public space since that would be discriminating against a disabled individual. Emotional support animals, however, aren’t given that luxury. This means that there are hundreds of disabled people being denied their vital support animal.

Emotional support animals are not given the opportunity to receive service animal training, therefore not qualifying them as actual service animals. This means that public places only allowing service animals can deny people with support animals. For those individuals that get their support animals registered, they can still be discriminated against.

Creating a service animal training program that incorporated emotional support animal training would allow individuals with mental disorders to feel that they had the support to be a part of society. Providing service training to support animals would give them the qualifications of a service animal, and that would help hundreds of people.

I urge you to create a training program that would allow support animals to receive the same training as service animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lexter Grace

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  1. Jacqui Skill says:

    I signed it but I doubt that you can expect any help or anything positive from the dehumanized racist creep Sessions who should not be in this position at all just as Trump should not be president! These are dark nightmare times with this regime destroying all!

  2. Selena Brooks says:

    I’m a veteran with PTSD + other issues as of now I do not require a service dog. My emotional support dog passed a year ago and it’s hard to cope with something’s without him and do daily functions day to day. Yes I would support Emotional Support Dogs have the same training as service dogs. This administration racist views and all time racist Jeff Sessions could care less about veterans or others who need support animals. All this administration priorities are for are the rich millionaires and billionaires who can make more money on those who suffer. I’ll be dead along with other veterans before this ever happens.

  3. Selena Brooks says:

    Sorry typo : are only for the rich

  4. Kristin Peterson says:

    YES, Emotional support dogs should be allowed to have the same training as service dogs.
    I don’t have a emotional support dog but, I sure can tell you that my black lab has ALWAYS been a huge comfort to me with my PTSD from my past history of severe physical, verbal, emotional, & mental abuse. She can sense everything and senses my fears, my sudden episode’s of sadness, and my mood changes and will do anything to try to calm me, comfort me, and soothe me. She is extremely protective over me. I couldn’t have ever found a more loving & loyal dog then her. Just her being her and having her provides me so much emotional support.

    Emotional support dog’s are just as important as service dog’s.

    Honestly though, I can’t see Sessions doing much at all to be honest. He is a ignorant racist pile of shit that has a position he SHOULDN’T have ever gotten just like Trump damn sure SHOULDN’T have become president. That entire administration is crooked racist greedy selfish liars that only give a shit about corporate America, the CEO’s, Wall Street’s millionaires & billionaires, & the rich.
    They could give 2shits about us working class Americans, the middle class, the elderly, & the poor. We are just the scum of America that’s so beneath them in their eyes.

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & sharing

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Since I can’t figure out how to delete my 1st comment above, I decided I’m not signing this petition after all.

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