Tell Sports Event to Stop Promoting Cruelly Produced Milk

Target: Ironman CEO Andrew Messick

Goal: End Ironman promotion of cruelly produced and unhealthy chocolate milk

The organizer of the well-known Ironman Triathlon, World Triathlon Corporation, has named chocolate milk as the event’s official recovery beverage despite research that proves dairy to be unhealthy for human consumption as well as cruelly produced.

Not only does chocolate milk contain high amounts of cholesterol, hormones and sugar, but dairy cows are often physically abused, emotionally tormented, and housed in incredibly unsanitary conditions. Many dairy cows experience lameness and suffer from udder infections before they are violently murdered. In order to help ensure greater milk production, mother cows are separated from their calves at birth—an emotionally traumatizing experience for both mother and child.

With the plethora of healthy, cruelty-free recovery beverages currently available—including almond, rice and soy milk, and Vega, a plant-based protein powder—there is simply no excuse for the World Triathlon Corporation’s endorsement of chocolate milk. Dairy has proven to be detrimental to human health, and the dairy industry’s history of physical and emotional abuse should not be tolerated.

By signing this petition, you are urging the World Triathlon Corporation to end its promotion of an unhealthy, inhumane beverage. Help foster a healthier, dairy-free lifestyle and put an end to the dairy industry’s abusive actions.


Dear Ironman CEO Andrew Messick,

I was surprised and disappointed to learn that the Ironman Triathlon has chosen to endorse chocolate milk as its official recovery beverage. Studies have shown that not only is chocolate milk incredibly unhealthy, but the production of milk also involves the severe physical and emotional abuse of dairy cows.

High in cholesterol, hormones and sugar, chocolate milk can contribute to weight gain and increase consumers’ risk of developing heart disease. Dairy farms have also shown a pattern of abuse toward their livestock, resulting in lameness and udder infections. Calves are separated from their mothers at birth, an emotionally painful and traumatizing event with the sole purpose of ensuring that the mother’s milk is saved for human consumption instead of the calf it was originally intended to feed.

There are a variety of healthier, cruelty-free options on the market that Ironman could instead promote, including almond, rice and soy milk, as well as the plant-based protein powder Vega, which was created by an Ironman athlete.

Please help put a stop to this abusive industry by ending Ironman Triathlon’s promotion of chocolate milk and encouraging the use of healthier, cruelty-free recovery beverages.


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  1. Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S. says:

    With a humble heart, I thank each and every person who stands up for the voiceless. Your actions make the difference in this world. Animals have a place in this world whereby they make the world whole and complete. Sincere thankfulness to all.

    Love, linda.

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Please stop this!
    Sick of all the animal abuse!!

  3. I lived on a farm for a while and never would of hurt one of our animals! People who are cruel to farm animals don’t deserve to walk on this earth! It’s bad enough that we eat them, but to torture them before hand isn’t necessary! God put them on this earth for us to care for and when the time comes to put them down it doesn’t have to be that bad.

  4. This world is so freaking digcusting .im so tired of all the abuse and killing of animals every single day.any person who does horrific acts need to be put in jail with the rest of the garbage of life.this lovely crappy govt could care less about all this .so spread the word because if we dont no one will .may we all continue to help fight for the things we love and are compassionate about .

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