Protest Slaughtering of Animals for Festival


Target:  President of Nepal, Ram Baran Yadav

Goal:  Protest the slaughtering of animals in Nepal’s festival

In Bariyarpur, Nepal, hundreds of thousands of animals are slaughtered every five years as part of a 260-year-old ritual. These animals are slaughtered at the site of a temple of the Hindu goddess Gadhimai. The process is meant to be an offering to the goddess in exchange for prosperity.

The last festival took place in 2009, and it was estimated that 250,000 animals were killed that year as part of this festival. This year, the animals (chickens, buffalo, goats, etc.) will be taken to Bariyarpur, where they will then be forced to the brink of starvation. The beginning of the festival starts with the beheading of 10,000 buffalo, with hundreds of men hacking at the animals with dull blades until they are dead.

The Gadhimai festival’s organizing committee says that this year will be expected to have the largest attendance yet, which means that even more animals will meet a horrible death in order to continue this cruel ritual. Nepal has a large tourist industry that has suffered due to the international community’s condemnation of the 2009 festival, yet the tradition still continues. Please help put pressure on Nepal’s government to stop this brutal slaughtering of innocent animals.


Dear President Ram Baran Yadav,

The upcoming Gadhimai festival is expected to be your largest yet, meaning that more animals than ever before will undergo a massive killing. While I understand that this tradition is part of the history of Nepal, it is undoubtedly cruel to push so many animals to the brink of starvation and then put them through a bloody slaughter.

The brutality of this “religious” ritual has drawn criticism internationally, and the cruelty of this practice needs to be addressed before even more animals meet a gruesome end. I urge you to put an end to this slaughter and make the festival a peaceful one instead. This could potentially even help the tourism in your country by demonstrating that you no longer partake in barbaric practices. The neighboring country of India, for example, supports a large number of Hindus who condemn such practices. By changing the Gadhimai tradition, you may be able to attract more tourism from practicing Hindus in India.

Please do the right thing and put an end to this blood bath and enjoy your festival this year without the killing of these innocent animals.


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Photo credit:  Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNP)

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  1. Stan Benton says:

    This is as sick as it gets, and by Hindus no less, a religion which is supposed to revere life. You guys really think your goddess Gadhimai would want this, or even approve of it?

  2. You can keep your tradition WITHOUT using animals, live or otherwise, in this Festival — use other “symbolic” inanimate items but ABOVE ALL do not use LIVING BEINGS! Do you really think a true Goddess would want all this suffering, bloodletting, horrific slaughter — REMEMBER, the animals want to live — they, like us humans, do not want to die — they don’t deserve to suffer — they don’t deserve to die! PLEASE LET THE ANIMALS LIVE! PLEASE! Don’t take away the animals’ choice nor their right to live!

  3. My heart breaks! Please help the animals! This is insanity and no words describe my anger and the disgust. Please help the animals, don’t let this happen.

  4. Emily March says:

    Probably another way of stating ‘human superiority’ presumably. Not to mention indifference. How come the international community tolerates such goings on anyway? Because they are a ‘tradition’ and sovereign countries internal business should not be ‘interfered with’? Some freedom! Not surprising there are so many wars at the drop of a hat: the basic attitude is the same!

  5. What is wrong with you people???? 260-year-old ritual??? Maybe it’s time for a change????

  6. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This is horrible and barbaric. How can this monsters do this to innocent animals!

  7. Just nuke the country and flatten it. These things re of no use to the planet.

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