Denounce Politically Motivated Prairie Dog Hunt With Donald Trump Jr.

Target: Greg Gianforte, Republican politician

Goal: Denounce the politically motivated hunt of black tailed prairie dogs, a keystone species in the western United States’ grasslands.

Greg Gianforte is a Republican campaigning for Montana’s House seat in this year’s election. In an attempt to win political favor, he took Donald Trump’s son out for a prairie dog hunt. Donald Trump Jr.’s love for hunting is well documented; there are photos of him with dead elephants, leopards and crocodiles. The hunting trip took place during peak breeding season for the prairie dogs.

“As good Montanans, we want to show good hospitality to people,” Gianforte said. “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents?”

Prairie dogs have a fascinating language, and are said to have quite developed cognitive abilities. They’re often killed by ranchers and farmers, but research as to whether they actually harm crops overall is inconclusive. Some studies show that they have positive effects on grazing land. The black tailed prairie dog is also a keystone species, and up to 40% of vertebrates that live in their range depend on them. Innocent creatures should not be shot regardless, but it just adds insult to injury when, like in this case, many of the animals were pregnant. Sign this petition to denounce Greg Gianforte’s cruel politically motivated hunt with Donald Trump Jr.


Dear Mr. Gianforte,

I was saddened to learn about your prairie dog hunt with Donald Trump Jr. The black tailed prairie dog should be protected, since it is a keystone species and many other animals depend on it for survival. There’s no scientific evidence that they harm farmland, and they don’t attack people. There is no good reason to hunt these creatures, especially during a time of the year when the females are likely to be pregnant. Prairie dogs are very intelligent, and they have special calls for different types of predators, and even communicate to each other how fast the predator is approaching.

Your statement that “What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents?” indicates a sick and cruel view of the world.

When shot with high powered ammunition, the animals almost look like they’re exploding. To you and Donald Trump Jr., this might be funny, but I can assure you that it is not funny. Surely there could have been other ways to curry political favor, apart from the slaughter of small animals. It is not something someone concerned for his state would do, since the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Park has listed the prairie dogs as a species of concern and their population has declined by 95%. Shame on you for slaughtering the black tailed prairie dogs just for a photo opportunity with Donald Trump Jr.


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Photo Credit: Aaron Siirila

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  1. WTF!!!!!Stop this insane killing of all wildlife!!!!!The American people DO NOT WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!STOP STOP STOP

  2. Caryl Sawyer says:

    This was a waste of time. This guy is too much of a coward to ever say he made a mistake.

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    A new low, even for Montana. To quote Donald Jr’s dad: “They are losers.”

  4. In Scotland, ‘numpty’ means an idiot, and a windbag at that.

    So now the POS panderer gianforte is showing numpty, jr. how to have a good time Montana style, killing defenseless small animals, who evidently have a firmer grasp on acting civilized than their human murderers. Pray that the citizens of Montana wake up and vote this numpty enabler out of office, then forevermore deny entry into Montana for any NumptyTrumpty!

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    Those stupid, spoiled Trump brats are nothing but cowardly murderers of innocent animals!

  6. Only low life trash could think shooting at prairie dogs is fun or sporting. Oh, right, it’s a Trump, so I got that part right!

    Wildlife is essential for the survival of the planet and the humans who live on it. Each species, no matter its size nor how insignificant it may seem to humans, has its own role in making this planet work and thrive efficiently. Humans, however, are the least necessary species on earth, and it, and every other species on it would fare much better without any of us.

    Trump and his family’s greed and avarice is destroying our country and its wildlife.

  7. Nancy Hartman says:

    These people are abhorrent – and in no way represent the values of the American people.

  8. Jim Takahashi says:

    Human rights, animal rights or whatever to do with justice and fairness, Damn-MeriKKKa has always been the worst and evilest nation, which now has got a perfect symbol in the form of its president (and his family).

  9. Stephanie says:

    Isn’t Gianforte the loser who body slammed a journalist recently and then, unfortunately, won the Republican seat? He is a nasty bit of goods. Pathetic that he and Trump Jr. could find no pastime other than hunting down and murdering innocent sentient beings. In addition to their total lack of compassion, they’re clearly not the brightest pair.

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & sharing❗️?

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