Shut Down Illegal and Inhumane Slaughterhouses

Target: Chief Justice of India, Palanisamy Sathasivam

Goal: Ban slaughterhouses from operating in Kerala

Though the cow is considered a sacred animal in Hindu culture, the State of Kerala in southwest India has no restrictions on animal slaughter, resulting in rampant cruelty throughout the region. Though India has passed an animal cruelty prevention act, illegal slaughterhouses that disregard laws for ethical treatment of animals are responsible for gross affliction on a wide scale. Unless these torture houses are immediately banned, cows will continue to suffer painful deaths at the hands of slaughterhouse butchers. Urge the Supreme Court in India to ban cattle slaughter in Kerala.

Throughout Kerala, a state infamous for its unrestricted mass cow killings, animal abuse occurs routinely and illegally. Recently, a local news channel publicly reported on crimes inflicted to animals in the area and viewers were appalled by the evidence. Cows were strung up by their legs and killed with frequent blows to the head followed by slow and brutal decapitation. As a result of this exposé, Kerala slaughterhouses drew special attention from the Supreme Court of India, which now demands a formal explanation for the footage.

Though Kerala has no restrictions of its own regarding animal slaughter, there is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 that was passed to prevent unnecessary suffering to animals in India, a federal law that the slaughterhouses certainly do not abide by.

Due to the extent of Kerala’s unbridled animal cruelty, slaughterhouses must be banned in the entire region. Many States in India already prohibit cattle slaughter, and the lack of regulation in this particular area has resulted in crimes so heinous that an immediate ban is the only viable option. A slow rehabilitation effort will only result in prolonged suffering for already stressed and abused cows. Those guilty of defying the animal cruelty prevention act should be punished, and then these houses of terror must be shut down permanently.

Urge the Supreme Court to enact a ban on cow slaughter in Kerala.


Dear Chief Justice of India, Palanisamy Sathasivam,

Due to the unchecked methods of cow slaughter in Kerala, India, I urge you to ban slaughterhouses in the area permanently. A recent public report by a news channel revealed that Kerala slaughterhouses are thwarting the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and show no signs of changing their habits unless action is taken.

It is necessary to ban slaughterhouses in this region because a slow rehabilitation effort will not be effective. Such slaughterhouses are illegal and widespread, and it would be impossible to transform them into humane butcheries given the propensity for torture that Kerala butchers have employed. In addition, many populous States in India, such as Delhi and Gujaret, consider the cow a sacred animal and have banned cattle slaughter altogether. The same must be done for States that do not comply with animal cruelty laws. Please ban slaughterhouses from operating in Kerala.


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Photo credit: GourangaUK via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. deb spanhake says:

    if it illegal and inhumane a no-brainer shut them down!!!

  2. Prem Kalia says:

    India has a tradition of vegetarianism. People of the world look up to India for its sensitivity to living beings.It is a place which gave birth to Buddha, Mahavira.It is a society believing in Karma & rebirth. Sufis, Vedantists, Vaishnavites,Jains, & a large population of Hindus don’t seems to be concerned about these slaughter houses.Gandhi would cry. Shankaracharyas,Dalai Lama,Jain leaders, Pranab,
    Anna Hazare , Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Prasad, all Gandhians in Kerala must speak up. MORAL degradation.All spiritual leaders of past including Arbindu Gosh opposed the killings of our fellow creatures.

  3. Only sick minds could do something like this. Elephants? Slaughtering Elephants, why!!! If you would leave them to themselves you would have no worries about them. Shut down these slaughterhouses permanently. Isn’t India suppose to be so spiritual?

  4. Your country should be ashamed!!!you are all disgusting cowards there is no need for treatment of innocent animals to be killed this way Hope you all rot in hell!!

    • Have you seen the atrocities in the Western world!?! You are disgusting in the way you treat your farm animals & the rampant disgusting hunting you do. I admit that these lowlife, ignorant & heartless bastards need to be killed who are doing this to these innocent beings but saying Indians are the only ones who are cruel to animals is wrong. I hope India writes & enforces animal cruelty laws because this is not going to be tolerated.

    • Suzy we can not con dim everyone for the cruelty of some.Just as it is in all our states world wide.The good people must fight to stop the bad people. There are animal abusers world wide.

  5. nos freres et soeurs bovins sont pacifique.j ai l impression que etre un humain est une trés grave erreur de la nature…

  6. I must say one thing. Every slaughter house in the world is the same. There is nothing humane about an animal of any kind getting slaughtered. In my mind every slaughter house in the world needs to be closed down and people should stop eating meat. It is not good for you, but get people to believe this. Kinda like smoking isn’t good for anyone either, look at its track record, and still people will continue to smoke. I hope one day this planet will be vegan and become the humanity it should be.

  7. India once considered a very relegious & mainly killing & butchering animals for human consumption was not at the front line. But now with the currupt governments & non existance rules & regulations for cultural issues the country has become total mess and the people are over populated so the country is in a total cheos. Control your damn human population first. Then bring forth the new rules & regulations for civilization to excist. Those evil Barbaric slaughter houses need to be closed and the civilians who break the rules punish them severely & harshly.

  8. I will not sign this petition because it talks about “humane butchering”. There’s no such thing!!! All butchering must stop. Unfortunately, it will never happen because almost all people are monsters.

    • Martin I think that is meant to be: inhumane butchering. And yes all butchering needs to be stopped and could if people would stop eating meat. I did and I’ve never felt better.

    • you are absolutely right.but you know largest monster on our planet a special or we can say very cruel community live call as moslem .now a days they kill animals,eat them .but at one day they start eating human.these people have no heart.never trust on muslim

  9. I just watched an informatory video of PETA on YouTube which terrified me so badly from inside that I had to look for something against slaughterhouses to get myself normal.Thank you for writing this..I am signing the petition and I really wish that killing of all kinds of animals comes to an end someday..not just cows but Pigs and Chicken too..You do not just kill an animal, you kill a living being and all these people working in Meat Industry should suffer the same..!

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