Save Elephants From Inhumane Confinement


Target: Kim Smith, Director of the Oregon Zoo

Goal: Urge the Oregon Zoo to let senior elephants retire to a sanctuary

Packy, a 52 year old resident elephant at the Oregon Zoo, will most likely never leave the tiny exhibit where he currently resides. The zoo administrators told voters that they would build a preserve to house the older elephants as part of a public relations campaign to obtain public funds. Unfortunately, the administrators of the Oregon Zoo are reneging on their promises. We must tell the Oregon Zoo that they need to keep their word to the public. They must allow older elephants to retire to an animal sanctuary as planned.

Elephants are enormous animals that need a large area to roam in order to be happy. The cramped exhibit at the Oregon Zoo is not sufficient, and keeping them in such a small facility for their entire lives is inhumane. Instead of using the public funding that it obtained in 2008 for the purpose of an elephant retirement home, the zoo has instead diverted the money to a new breeding facility. They have misled the public by diverting money intended for sanctuaries to projects that do nothing to help the elephants.

The money that voters were led to believe would help these elephants continues to be used for other purposes. While these animals suffer in a cramped exhibit, the zoo has sacrificed their well being in order to further it’s own agenda of maximizing profits. We must tell the Oregon Zoo that this is unacceptable. They must do what they promised and use these publicly obtained funds to build larger preserves for the elephants.


Dear Kim Smith, Director of the Oregon Zoo:

In 2008 the Oregon Zoo obtained $125 million from a bond measure that was passed by Oregon voters. During the campaign that the zoo led to obtain these funds it stated that the funds would be used to build a preserve to retire the older elephants. Now that the money has been obtained, you are backtracking on your promises. According to recent statements that you have made, the older elephants at the zoo will live out the remainder of their lives in your inadequate exhibits with no hope of relief.

Your actions have been dishonest and fraudulent. These animals deserve to have the preserve that the public chose to provide for them. By diverting the funds towards other projects you are being unfair to the elephants that have served your zoo for so long, as well as to the people of Oregon. I urge you to reconsider your actions.


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Photo credit: EncMstr via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. deb spanhake says:

    i ditto my comment and in agreement with Linda Wraight why does man have to cage and place on display exotic and wildlife for man’s entertainment zoo are so out dated and more so due to the cruelty and abused exposed. Get with the program sanction all the wildlife and close down would be cheaper to maintain rehabilitate and place the wildlife back where they belong in the wild among their own species to live out a natural order of life.

    • Deb, I don’t like zoos either but I’m afraid that putting them back in their natural habitat would probably be their end. Because of stupid people and poachers. I would druther see them ( All of them)sent to an animal preserve, where they can be free, with no cages but still protected from animals worst and most dangerous predictor, man.

  2. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Wonder if these evil people would like to be treated like that when they get old???? Do unto OTHERS like you want hem to do unto you!!!! RESPECT for ALL God’s creatures PLEASE!!!

  3. This is not the way to treat such massive animals while confining them to tiny spaces and making them suffer physically & mentally. Stop this Barbaric practices and allow them to go live in a free environement such as a sanctuary and be free. These are very social and family oriented animals. How about you people who are making these innocent animals prisoners in return put into jail cells and make you stay behind close doors. Will you be happy? So it is the same thing you people do here while imprisoning these magnificent animals cinfining to tiny spaces. Please wake up and be kind & compassionate towards the voiceless. Please do the right thing to any living being . The way you love your life they love theirs too.

  4. Kim Smith, Director of the Oregon Zoo:In 2008 the Oregon Zoo obtained $125 million from a bond measure.$125 million, that is a tremendous amount of money.It was stated that the funds would be used to build a preserve to retire the older elephants.So, can you kindly explain to everyone, why the older elephants at the zoo will live out the remainder of their lives, in your inadequate exhibits, with no hope of relief? $125 million dollars and these poor seniors are going to have to stay in their old cramped living areas! Really, what is up with that? I can not even begin to feel what these gentle giants are going through, being forced into having no normal space to live in.How would you feel if you were put in a shoe box and forced to live in only that small space? I’m sorry, but getting that amount of money and with it being ear marked for these elephants retirement home, there is no except able excuse for your flagrant indifference, to these gentle giants disgusting situation. Shame on you and I think you should turn in your resignation and let someone have the job that is more animal friendly

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