Condemn Wildlife Officials Caught Hunting on Duty


Target: Ohio Inspector General Randall J. Meyer

Goal: Remove wildlife officials caught hunting on duty

Last May, the Ohio Inspector General’s office began an investigation when a wildlife officer and wildlife supervisor were photographed in uniform with a group of hunters while on the clock. Since then, 18 new officers have been added to the list of suspects. Sign this petition to demand the truth and remove dishonest officials immediately.

Upon discovering the case of fraud this past spring, the Inspector General’s office requested records of the deer harvests during season, as well as the payroll containing time logs of wildlife officials. As the investigation progressed it was discovered that 18 additional officials had coinciding records of a deer kill during their shifts.

The case was passed along to the prosecuting attorneys and the officers in question will face criminal prosecution. However, in a recent development, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has thrown their support to these offices. FOP claims these overlaps in records were caused by bad timekeeping in an attempt to avoid filing for overtime. This complication has thrown a wrench in the proceedings and may not allow for justice.

The duties of a wildlife officer are to protect and preserve all wildlife. This clearly does not include the killing of animals, and if officers were hunting for sport on the taxpayers’ dollar, then there need to be consequences. Regardless of the support of the Fraternal Order of Police or of others in the department, justice must be served and the truth must come out. Sign this petition to support the thorough investigation of these officials and the immediate removal of those found guilty.


Dear Inspector General Meyer,

I have learned about the investigation you began last May concerning wildlife officials potentially hunting while on the clock. Since then, 18 suspects have been added to the list as payroll time logs line up with the records of deer harvests.

It is of the utmost importance that guilty officials are brought to justice and removed from their office. As wildlife officials, it is their duty to protect all wildlife and it is a deep betrayal for them to instead spend that time using taxpayers’ money to hunt for sport.

Please continue to pursue this investigation thoroughly and truthfully.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: ForestWander via Wikimedia

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  1. deb spanhake says:

    18 of these officials and you know that they did and they arer removed from their jobs?

  2. deb spanhake says:

    18 of these officials and you know that they did and they aren’t removed from their jobs? Who will take care of the babies of what these men took the parents the babies starve to death now? How is this right? No wrong can right their actions. Their job was not to kill so make them an example and others will think twice

  3. Maggie Schafer says:

    Idaho is a sick sick state! Now they are going to wipe out 2 entire packs with a trapper leaving animals in traps up to 72 hours! This state is a hell hole for wildlife and Governor Butcher Otter is nothing more than a whore to special interests. This is NOT management, it is murder, and Otter has publicly said he wants wolves gone! He is a rotten person, sick and unethical! But he takes his cue from Secretary Jewell and Dan Ashes of the Interior Dept and USFWS respectively who illegal want to delist wolves! The public is NOT about to let that happen!

  4. This is a perfect example of how wrong things have really gotten to be. We have people holding down jobs that require them to protect animals and what are they doing? Saying one thing (lip service to the public) but doing something entirely different. They should all be fired right on the spot.

  5. They need to all be prosecuted, fined, loose their job and have no contact with animals the rest of their life. Not at work nor have them in their homes. Do not understand why they insist on destroying these poor animals. Shame on everyone of them.


  7. How disturibing. We cannot trust some of our authority figures. They did not have to do this. They should know as well as animal lovers about cruelty. Banning together will make a difference against them and their kind.

  8. Yet another corrupt governmental institution. We think Mexico and China are corrupt, but the good ol’ U.S.A. is becoming increasingly as big of a cesspool of corrupt slimebags as those countries are. The “officials” and the “deciders” should have their throats slit mafia-style since that is how they like to operate. Secrets, cover-ups, protectionism and unaccountability running rampant makes you wonder where Eric Holder is. Oh, that’s right. He’s suing states that aren’t socialist enough for him.

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