Save Sea Turtles From Plastic Straws

Target: John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado

Goal: Ban the use of plastic straws and keep sea turtles safe.

Plastic pollution is growing at an alarming rate. Our oceans are becoming more and more polluted and sea turtles are suffering. The production of plastic straws in the United States is contributing to a global epidemic that is killing off our already endangered sea turtles. Sea turtles can ingest the straws whole or broken up into smaller pieces and the straws can also become lodged in their bodies.

The United States uses approximately 500 million plastic straws every day. While straws may not be the top contender for volume in the vast plastic garbage mass that floats in the ocean, they are some of the more dangerous ones. Straws can be ingested whole, wind up entangled or even find themselves lodged in the noses of sea turtles. The longer straws have been floating in the ocean, the more they break down into tiny micro pieces that are then swallowed. These micro pieces of plastic fill up the stomach without providing any form of nutrients and often times leech harmful chemicals in the animal’s stomach.

There are better alternatives to plastic straws. Biodegradable or recyclable materials are the preferred alternatives to plastic. These include paper, glass and metal straws that are readily available. These straws allow for multiple use and can be recycled. This would keep the straws out of the oceans and keep our turtles safe. Please sign this petition to urge the banning of plastic straws.


Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

Sea turtles are in danger of plastic straws floating in our oceans. The United States uses 500 million straws every day. That’s 500 million straws that could be winding up in the oceans and in the stomachs of sea turtles.

Sea turtles are endangered and are in need of help in order to recover their populations. Plastic pollution is taking a serious toll on their numbers as well as the numbers of other ocean animals. Straws are particularly dangerous because they can be easily ingested, become entangled and even become lodged in sea turtles. When they break down, straws become tiny pieces floating in the ocean. These pieces are then swallowed by sea turtles where they fill up the stomach and cause the turtle to starve to death.

There are better alternatives to plastic straws. Paper straws made from bamboo, glass straws, and metal straws are all safer replacements for plastic straws. These are easily recycled and biodegradable. Banning plastic straws would help to save sea turtles and would cut down on the amount of waste filling our oceans. I urge you to put a ban on plastic straws and promote the eco-friendly alternatives.


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Photo Credit: Brocken Inaglory

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  1. must make biodegradable straws to save the sea turtles and other marine life from this plastic trash for good to clean up the once great oceans.

  2. G Petersen says:

    PEOPLE – put your plastic straws in the recycle bin NOT in the garbage!

  3. Stella Waldvogel says:

    I’m old enough to remember when straws were made out of some kind of rolled waxed paper. Cups, too – the styrofoam was only used for hot coffee. We did fine without plastic straws. Everything does not need to be made of plastic. Most people don’t even like plastic, but it’s everywhere and it’s wrecking everything.

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