Stop the Nightmare of Antibiotic Resistance

Target: Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health & Human Services
Goal: Stop using antibiotics on farm animals to promote growth in unsanitary, crowded farm conditions.

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  1. We should discontinue meat eating altogether. That would mean no more antibiotics or any other toxins.

  2. Who cares if people die?! Its peoples fault for eating meat! Why try to change the meat? Like seriously, plz not this petition. It means that if consumers demand for no antibiotic, then chances are that industries will do it w/out antibiotics & people will eat even more meat!!!!!! No im not signing!

  3. I’m sorry but I cannot sign this petition. I don’t agree. 🙁 If this petition succeeds, people will keep eating meat, most likely even more! :'( Please, stop eating animals all together. Don’t ask for better meat, ask for cruelty-free lifestyle: VEGANISM. People need to go vegan as soon as possible!!! Please, have mercy on animals. :'( Believe me, it’s not that hard!!! Just try it! Most of you people (anyone living in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc.) are VERY LUCKY ’cause you have meat subsitutes, cheese subsitutes, milk subsitutes, egg substitues! In Morocco we don’t have any of this, except for soy milk, yet I’m vegan! And it’s not that hard for me, so I can bet it’s very easy there, where you live. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a little effort for animals, for the planet, for YOUR OWN HEALTH, and stop eating animals. Go vegan, or at least vegetarian then vegan (make it step by step, even easier). PLEASE PEOPLE, it’s time we all wake up and STOP THIS UNSANE CRUELTY animals go through every day!!!!! PLEASE, LET’S MAKE A CHANGE!!!! :((((

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