End Wolf-Killing Competition


Target: Neil Kornze, Director of the United States Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Stop annual hunt against predatory animals

An annual hunting competition in Idaho sees hundreds of wolves, coyotes, raccoons and jackrabbits killed by hunters. Currently, the United States Bureau of Land Management is considering whether or not to renew the contest’s permit for another five years. Without the permit, hunters will not be able to hunt wild animals on public land to exchange for the cash prizes the contest pays to those who kill the most animals.

Proponents of the hunt say that by hunting predatory animals such as wolves and coyotes, populations of big-game animals will increase. These animals, including elk and deer, are then more easily accessible to the same hunters who kill them as well. The competition has been labeled by some as a ploy to increase the number of animals that hunters are legally allowed to kill each year.

Almost 40,000 Idaho citizens are opposing the hunting competition in letters to the Bureau of Land Management. Rather than helping to restore a balance between predators and prey like the hunt claims, it could actually diminish populations of both groups of creatures and put recovering wolf populations in a more precarious state. These wolves are considered a keystone species, which hold a special place in the ecosystem by sustaining other plants and animals. Without keystone species such as wolves and coyotes, the surrounding biological community could be permanently effected.

In order to preserve Idaho’s natural ecosystem, the government must ensure that hunting is done reasonably. It is counterproductive to hunt predatory animals only to increase populations of game animals. Sign the petition below to demand that the Bureau of Land Management does not allow the Idaho hunting competition to continue on federal land.


Dear Director Neil Kornze,

The United States Bureau of Land Management is currently considering whether to allow an annual predator hunt to continue for another five years. Last year, over 500 wolves, coyotes, raccoons, and other animals were killed during the contest, which awards cash prizes to those who kill the most animals.

While proponents of the hunt say it will help game animals such as elk and deer to thrive, it could actually create an imbalance in the natural ecosystem by reducing populations of essential animals. We, the undersigned, demand that this cruel and counterproductive hunting competition be brought to an end.


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Photo credit: L. David Mech via Creative Commons

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    And they always say they hunt to keep the numbers down. So why make it into a fun competition? Oh, I know, you’re a barbarian!!

  2. caryl sawyer says:

    Bureau of Land Management needs to be investigated. Too many bad calls from this bunch, unless there is money changing hands.

    Write your congressman!

  3. So what exactly is the goal of this so-called “competition?” Uh … to find out which of these psychopathic killers is the sickest ?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Stan Benton says:

    Dang, Idaho is at it again (or “still”). We need some government intervention against these sickos. If it’s a “competition”, maybe the “prize” should be a year in prison for each animal murdered?

  5. “Kill all the predators! Oh no! Look the prey are overpopulating! What ever could have caused such a thing? Murder them all!” Ugh idiots. If you don’t touch nature, it will balance itself.

  6. Patricia Dumais says:

    Cash rewards to mess up nature’s natural balance!

  7. Unfortunately most are republican supporters and it is like the nasty old man club…bunch of lying criminals….keep speaking up and educating every child you know

  8. I owned a wolf-hybrid for 10 years. He was like my child to me, I Loved him more than any other animal who has shared my home. Wolves are loving, loyal, protective and gentle. I hate the way they are falsely portrayed as vicious and ready to rip people apart in movies, simply not true! I had my son while I had my wolf and he was always gentle with my son. Please realize wolves are incredible creatures. They mate for life, they love, they are special!

  9. Gun toting nutters. “It’s our right!” “It’s the whatever-the-f*ck amendment for us to carry arms.”

    Weak wankers.

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