Stop Brutal Animal Sacrifice Festival

animal sacrifice

Target: Mohan Krishna Sapkota, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation in Nepal

Goal: Stop the sacrifice of thousands of animals during Hindu festival in Nepal

This year, animal rights advocates continue to campaign against an archaic Hindu festival that involves the slaughter of thousands of animals to appease the goddess of power. During the month-long festival this November, two days are allotted for animal sacrifices. Organizers of this festival estimate that at least 15,000 buffalo will be slaughtered within the two days. This 250-year-old tradition is considered by many to be the world’s largest ritual animal slaughter.

In the 2009 celebration of this festival in Kathmandu, more than 250,000 animals and livestock were slaughtered including buffalo, goats, rats, pigs, chickens, and pigeons. Many animal rights activists consider this inhumane tradition to be a horrific bloodbath. Even Gandhi once said that this terrible massacre has absolutely no religious connotation and should be stopped.

This ritualistic slaughter of thousands of animals is not just inhumane; many health experts urge the Nepalese government to remain aware of the infectious and communicable diseases that are likely to pass from animals to humans during the killing process. Just because this festival is a tradition does not mean that it should continue. It may be difficult to change people’s cultural beliefs, but this unjustifiable slaughter must end. Sign this petition and stop this ritualistic animal sacrifice festival.


Dear Mohan Krishna Sapkota,

It has come to my attention that the Hindu festival to appease the Hindu goddess of power is set to occur this November. I am deeply concerned about the obscene ritualistic slaughter of over 15,000 animals that will take place during this celebration. The sacrifice of these animals is inhumane and should not be allowed to continue as a part of the celebration.

These horrific sacrifices are often called bloodbaths, due to the outrageous number of animals needlessly killed. It is unjustifiable, has no religious connotation, and should be stopped immediately. Not only are thousands of animals slaughtered during this festival, but it also poses the possibility of infectious diseases being passed from animals to humans.

There is nothing to be gained by slaughtering these animals. Thousands of animals will be killed for absolutely no reason. I urge to to stop this horrific festival from happening, spare the lives of these animals, and protect the people from contracting diseases from this bloodbath.


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Photo credit: Niush Sitaula via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Ravinder singh says:

    Backward, illiterate. Officials sitting on high post not doing anything to stop this. It shows their backward and narrow thinking. SHAME on these officials.

  2. Stop animal slaughter now. Unfortunately psychopaths with no empathy are the ones in power and need to be removed on an international scale.

  3. Dennis Kelly says:

    This barbaric mass killing of innocent animals makes Nepal look like a backward and primitive country. Do you want the world to see Nepal as a modern, civilised country or one that has not progressed from the dark ages??

  4. les religions non comprise par l animal humain doit être eradiqué.

  5. Ajit Varsani says:

    Why can’t they take their allotment out of the 50 or so billion animals slaughtered each year in the food industry? This is a horrible thing and I would hate to be one of the thousands of animals killed as part of it. Some people sicken me to the back teeth.

  6. SICK !!! TWISTED !!! DEMENTED !!! PURE EVIL !!!! Those who abuse, torture and murder helpless animals WILL face the consequences some day … in HELL !!!!!!

  7. It’s about time we were allowed to have a *monster killing festival* & rid the world of all these Animal torturers, blood thirsty evil pieces of shit!!!!
    Can’t wait for Karma to come!!!!!

  8. This is outrageous!! No God whichever God you pray to would want humans slaughtering his animals!! What sick world do we live in? Some people are just not happy unless there is bloodshed and love to blame it on culture and religion- It’s wrong, extremely wrong!!….

  9. Beth Estergomy says:

    Why do we kill when we can give love and get love from non human beings. They have so much to offer us. Why not celebrate them and enjoy them. Killing is murder. You lose a piece of your soul every time you take part in ending the life of another sentient being.

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