Demand Justice for Starved Livestock

Target: Patty Murray, U.S. Senator from Washington State

Goal: Punish dairy farmer accused of starving dozens of animals.

A farmer in Washington state has been accused of neglecting his livestock, allowing them to slowly starve–some of them to death. In his possession were more than 20 animals, both cattle and pigs. It’s estimated that the animals were living under these conditions for more than six months prior to when they were found by investigators. Some of the livestock had to be euthanized as a direct result of their poor treatment at this farmer’s hands.

The accused alleges that he was unable to afford their care, yet surely there were better options than just letting them starve to death. Livestock is sold regularly at auction, and even if he were only able to sell half of his stock, he would have possibly been able to afford feeding the rest. Sign this petition to enact justice for these cows and pigs who were so cruelly treated.


Dear Senator Murray,

A Washington state dairy farmer is accused of allowing his livestock to starve, some to death. He says he was unable to afford their care, but appears to have made no effort to protect them by selling off some or all of them, even letting them die before trying to get help. Even if the pigs were to be sent to slaughter early, surely that would be preferable to dying a slow agonizing death from starvation.

The USDA decided to investigate his farm but this was after a six month period of neglect. We can not allow animals to be neglected for any length of time, let alone a full six months. Horrible atrocities could have been committed in this time frame. The accused farmer is only facing five counts of animal cruelty, even though more than 20 animals were starved for months at a time. Luckily only five died from it. Please take action to punish this man for allegedly allowing his livestock to live in such deplorable conditions, without even their most basic needs met.


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Photo Credit: Nick Saltmarsh

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  1. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  2. Dear Senator Patty Murray, U.S. Senator from Washington State
    I’m not sure why you are the one hand down punishment for the crime against these poor innocent animals , but you must Punish this dairy farmer accused of starving dozens of animals.
    All animals feel all the emotions that we humans feel, they feel pain the same as us, their tummies growl and ache from hunger, they bleed when injured. How I wish they could speak as its the ONLY difference between us and them. You wouldn’t hurt a baby just because it can’t speak. Well the animals are nothing less than a baby.
    You must show this farmer and the rest of the country that treating animals in this manner is nothing less than a cruel murder.
    But, he could have reached out made a call to the local Humane Society, they are many groups that would have helped.
    Thank you, Donna Page
    Peace and Love to all the animals of the world.

  3. The evil cruel farmer should be starved and left to suffer in agony.

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