Rescue Animals From Serial Abusers

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Target: Franklin County Associate Circuit Judge David Tobben

Goal: Ask the judge responsible for returning more than 200 animals to abusive owners to reconsider his decision

192 rabbits, 25 goats, 21 chickens, 10 cats, 4 dogs and a duck were ordered to be returned to their abusive owners, after being seized by the Humane Society from dirty and dangerous living conditions.  Ask the judge responsible for the order, Judge David Tobben of the Associate Circuit Court, to reconsider his ruling which puts these animals in further danger.

The animals were taken from the residence of Velma Muessemeyer, after an anonymous tip alerted the Humane Society to unsanitary and dangerous living conditions. The Humane Society found rabbits kept in raised wire cages filled with feces, goats suffering from respiratory problems, and other animals living in dirty conditions in the home.

This is the second time the Muessemeyers have had their animals taken after neglecting and abusing them. In fact, they only recently ended a multi-year probation period that only allowed them to keep a small number of family dogs. The Muessemeyers are obviously incapable of caring for a large number of animals.

Despite the horrible conditions and prior offenses, Judge Tobben decided that their rights to property trumped the well being of these animals. He even stated that if these had been children instead of animals they would be removed from the home. Tell Judge Tobben you are disappointed with his decision to return the animals and ask him to protect them from further neglect and abuse at the hands of the Muessemeyers.


Dear Judge Tobben,

You recently decided to return hundreds of abused and neglected animals back to their owners, the Muessemeyers. I would like to respectfully object to this ruling as these animals are not being cared for properly and are suffering at the hands of the Muessemeyers.

In your ruling, you admitted that if children had been found in those horrible living conditions they would be removed from the home. Those animals are just as capable as children of experiencing pain and suffering. They need your protection.

Judge Tobben, please reconsider your decision to return the animals to the Muessemeyers. As this is not their first offense, they have proven themselves incapable of providing proper care for this many helpless creatures. Please protect these poor animals and allow the Humane Society to find good homes for them.


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Photo Credit: Alykat via Flickr

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  1. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Please help the suffering of animals,
    it is our duty to them! They depend on us.
    Please! 🙁

  2. what a twat the judge is, this piece of crap should be quietly put down, or treated like these poor animals, what a dick

  3. jacqueline masterson says:

    The judge has No compassion.this maybe because His parents didnt know how to show compassion only indifference.The judge obviously is a non religious person or would know that Anything Defenceless should be Protected..the innocents..the vunerable..the voiceless etc.Shame on the man that is Complicit….

  4. Can’t understand this judges’s thinking faculties. Just goes to show authority figures need their heads’ examined too.

  5. What the heck is wrong with this judge?! Why is he even a judge in the 1st place? Someone plz fire him! Hes not doing his job correctly! Is he that lazy to not even care bout the welfare of animals?!

  6. Barbara Griffith says:

    What I think you are seeing is a pair of hoarders. Just last year doctors are now calling people that hoard either animals or cloths and other objects are suffering from a mental disorder. A person’s age does not matter they don’t have to be elderly to suffer from this. The high rabbit population they had returned to them would need someone hired to clean up after them. The rabbit manure falls under the cages which has to be cleaned up on a daily basis because of flies breeding in it in the summer and the smell. This is a couple that either can’t afford to hire help or just don’t want to. The cost of rabbit feed would be huge. These animals have to be fed and watered daily and that’s almost 200 rabbits not counting the goats and other critters these people had. This judge I agree made a bad mistake giving these animals back to this couple. Lets hope he reconsiders. I hope friends of these people keep a watchful eye what is going on with the care of all of the animals they have.

  7. You have got to be kidding??? To this judge I ask this question – if one of these animals was your pet dog, cat etc. would you be happy for it to live with these cretins? Unfortunately this is a common problem with judges worldwide – they refuse to take animal abuse seriously and prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law and ban them from ever owning animals again. Get into the real world guys and show some humanity!!!

  8. aristide armaganc says:

    need judges specifically trained in animal welfare law. went up before a judge for a dog – feces all around, dirty water, bad food, big chain on the neck, indicative of dog fighting training – judge just didn’t understand. did get the dog, only by a hair. abuse is not different for one species as to another – starvation, dehydration, chaining, no exercise, all the same rotten impulse, different species.

  9. This judge should excuse himself and do the right thing not return these abused animals to their torturers. That will only cause more violence and become a revolving door in court.

  10. Garth Mills says:

    The time of reckoning is coming for this judge, when he faces his creator then only will he know what judgement is about. Man was given dominion over all the animals, the fowls of the air and the fishes in the seas, and he will have to give account of he,s stewardship here on Earth.

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