Shut Down ‘World’s Worst Zoo’


Target: Indonesian Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan

Goal: Immediately close negligent and cruel zoo

The once-proud Surayaba Zoo in Indonesia has been dubbed the ‘world’s worst zoo’ by media after the deaths of nearly 50 animals in three months. Most of the deaths were due to cruelty or negligence, such as a giraffe found with 20kg of plastic bag litter in its stomach.

The zoo is currently home to 3,500 animals, including some endangered species of orangutan and tiger. Overcrowding and filthy, tiny enclosures lead to stress, injury, and disease. Trash and polluted cages, contaminated water, and constant tethering pose a threat to the entire zoo population.

One-hundred-and-fifty pelicans live crammed into a cage where they struggle to share a pool of water and can hardly spread their wings, let alone fly. Some tigers are kept in tiny brick huts because they are in too poor of health to be seen by the public, while 18 deer share a 30×30 foot enclosure, with no grass or trees on which to graze. Other animals, such as the rare proboscis monkeys housed with the deer or the Moor macaques, are housed in inappropriate conditions without natural comforts like trees.

Many of the animals are emaciated and starving- one camel’s ribs are clearly visible. An endangered Sumatran tiger is malnourished and sickened by formaldehyde, from which it may not recover. Another tiger recently died of the same poisoning, its digestive tract rotten from formaldehyde-laced meat.

Keepers are known to tether their animals while they work at shopping stands. Elephants are chained from two or three different legs, so that they may not take a step in either direction. After struggling against their restraints, they are left with open wounds that are often left unattended to.

This zoo, so cruel that has earned a reputation as the world’s worst, has been ignored by city officials for far too long. Demand the immediate closure of the Surayaba Zoo in order to prevent further animal suffering due to negligence.


Dear Indonesian Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan,

The Surayaba Zoo has become a horrific animal death camp at the hands of negligent zookeepers. In three months, nearly 50 animals have died, some due to contaminated food and water, others due to dirty enclosures and disease. Most animals are kept in inadequate enclosures, their needs for grass, open air, or trees not being met.

Many of the animals are emaciated and in poor health, with ribs and other bones visible in the larger ones. Some animals are shackled by their legs so that they cannot move a step in either direction, and have open wounds from struggling against their chains. These wounds, like many other issues, are left unattended by zoo personnel.

Once a landmark of South-East Asia, the Suryaba Zoo is now a symbol of cruelty and neglect. I ask that the suffering of these animals be ended by closing the zoo and moving the animals to sanctuaries that can properly meet their needs.


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Photo Credit: the bridge via Creative Commons

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  1. how is this sort of thing still going into days world, are they really that stupid to still be earning money out of theses beautiful animals, they are just evil stupid idiots, and a lot worse, I hope you get what is due to you in this life.

  2. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Please end the suffering, close down!
    Please! 🙁

  3. This treatment is absurd, some of the abuse is not even costly, such as giving the animals some water or clean their prison cells,ie the camel found with plastic in its body and is now deceased. I cannot fathom why nothing is being done. We have some bad zoos in The US but I don’t think it compares with this. Do something at once before any other animals get sick or die.

  4. un ZOO quelle honte et cela dans n importe quelle nations…

  5. Disgraceful! To even call it a zoo is an insult to facilities out there who do their best to look after endangered animals & encourage breeding programmes to ensure the survival of species. Even though I’m sure this is not the only “zoo” in the world doing this sort of thing, Indonesia – do the right thing here as this shows you in a disgusting light to the rest of the world.

  6. I thought these Indonesian people are some what a bit compassionate nation than the ruthless chinese or vietnamese cultures. Now it looks like Indonesians are also very unkind & unethical abusers towards the helpless living creatures. Very sad.

  7. REPULSIVE. When I see this things I wish I were a believer. All I can do is hope they get killed. Slowly. BASTARDS!

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