Save Animals in Need of Emergency Help

Target: Bob Fenton, Acting Administrator of FEMA

Goal: Create an emergency responder team specifically for animals.

When disaster strikes, both humans and animals need help. Firefighters and other emergency personnel have been trained on how to assist humans in need. In many cases, animals are saved using the same methods that are used on humans. But, there are circumstances where the responders needed some additional training to properly prepare them for helping animals in emergencies.

Humans aren’t the only ones that find themselves in dangerous situations. A house fire can be just as deadly for animals, especially when they’re alone and frightened. Each firehouse and hospital should have an animal responder team on call. These teams would be trained specifically for how to help animals in emergencies. They would also be equipped with the proper tools and medical supplies. This would allow them to quickly and properly respond to a distressed animal.

The responder teams would be dispersed throughout locations so as to minimize responding time. Handling animals in emergencies requires some special training. Just like there are specific ways to handle a car accident victim, there are also proper ways to pick up a dog that’s been hit by a car. Team members would be given special training on how to handle an injured and frightened animal. Unlike humans, animals aren’t always able to understand that we’re trying to help. They can become scared and do more damage if handled improperly.

Animals don’t always respond the way humans do, and to keep our companions safe, emergency personnel need to be trained in animal handling. Please sign this petition to urge the creation of an emergency responder team for animals.


Dear Bob Fenton,

There are thousands of companion animals in the United States. Just like people, these animals often find themselves in dangerous situations that require emergency help. Animals aren’t as predictable as people are, and this can cause difficulties in emergency situations.

Emergency personnel responding to a call about a horse stuck in a mud hole may not know the best way to extract the horse, because they haven’t been given the proper training. Without proper training and equipment, the horse could be injured during the rescue. Handling animals in emergency situations requires training that most emergency personnel don’t receive, and this can cause animals to be furthered injured.

By creating a team of responders that are dedicated to animal rescue, you would be creating a better-prepared emergency response system. These teams would be located at all firehouses and hospitals. There would always be at least one team on call with all the proper medical equipment needed. Please create this animal response team and keep our animals safe.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Keith Kissel

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  1. Roberta Cutcher says:

    All animals deserve health care

  2. Ashley Harelson says:

    Thank you and God bless you Susan Montgomery for creating this petition. God bless you for being a voice for the countless four-legged babies who are affected and traumatized by emergency situations. As an animal lover and advocate as well, I will spread the word for your amazing idea regarding an emergency response team specifically for the animals. Please keep us updated regarding the results of your petition. If such a team is considered and then created, I would be extremely interested in becoming a member of such a response team. God bless you and God bless your efforts and may God bless Mr. Bob Fenton of FEMA with compassion and the willingness to seriously consider this proposal and in turn, take the steps to make this response team a reality.

  3. Yes-yes-YES!!!! Fire, flooding, storms…I’ve heard of the HORRENDOUS ways animals die in such situations and it’s enough to give you nightmares, knowing how terribly they suffered and were scared out of their minds!

    SOME municipalities in the world have created emergency response plans and teams, thank GOD, but ALL should follow suit IMMEDIATELY! AND, emergency shelters for people should ALL accommodate people’s animals, SO NO ONE FEELS THEY HAVE TO LEAVE THEM BEHIND TO PERISH ALL ALONE AND TERRIFIED!!!!!!!


  5. I’m not sure about handing this off to the government. Red Rover International does a good job of post-disaster animal rescue. As for FEMA? After Hurricane Katrina, they couldn’t even help people properly. Why would they be any more competent with animals?

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