Stop Cruel Bear Hunting Techniques

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Target: Governor of Maine, Paul LePage

Goal: End cruel bear hunting tactics in Maine, including baiting, trapping and dog attacks

Maine has very lax bear hunting laws. Hunters are allowed to bait bears with junk food, catch bears in painful, debilitating traps, as well as use dogs to attack and injure bears. A referendum has been introduced to make these methods of bear hunting illegal. Proponents of the ban understand that the bear population will not grow if these methods are made illegal. The bear population could be well controlled by other, more humane and sportsmanlike methods. Proponents need supportive voices to urge for the passing of this ban.

The widely used bear hunting method in Maine is luring bears with junk food. Doughnuts are set out in barrels and hunters wait for a bear to come enjoy the free feast. As the bears eat, hunters will come into close range and shoot the bear, killing it with no skill and no fight. Bears that feast without being killed are at no advantage with a diet of sugar and processed, foreign matter. The availability of this food is also encouraging bears to procreate at higher rates, which fuels the growing bear population issue in Maine. In turn, this encourages bears to come into closer proximity of human settlements. Bear trapping is incredibly inhumane, forcing bears to undergo immense suffering before death by human or the elements. The use of dogs to attack and take down bears is damaging to all animals involved and fosters pet aggression in bears.

Bear populations in Maine can be controlled through humane methods without much extra work. Without feeding the bears, insisting that they all gather their own food, populations will stabilize depending on how the land can support the population. Animals breed when they feel their growth can be sustained. Of course, like all areas with bear populations, humans need to also learn how to peacefully exist with bears. Bear attacks have increased because bears have become accustomed to humans. Very controlled hunting situations, and a ban on these three methods, are necessary for Maine’s future. Encourage the governor to defend the ban on these three hunting methods.


Dear Governor LePage,

The fate of Maine’s bears will be decided upon very soon. I am writing in support of the ballot that will ban three controversial bear hunting methods now practiced in Maine. It is my hope that luring bears with doughnuts, inhumanely trapping them and forcing them to fight with dogs all come to an end by the New Year.

As many proponents argue, luring bears with doughnuts encourages them to rely on humans for food, which in turn causes them to confidently reproduce faster than they would if they were to rely on natural diets. Not to mention, encouraging bears to eat processed, sugary foods is detrimental to their overall health and well-being. Traps are extremely inhumane for bear victims, often leaving them to die slow, painful deaths. Encouraging dogs to attack bears is extremely disheartening and harmful to all involved.

Controlling Maine’s growing bear population is not a matter of ensuring hunting them is easy, with no “fair chase” involved. Hunting must be kept at the advantage of animals; banning harmful practices will balance bear populations in time. Without relying on humans, bears will breed according to their ecosystems’ capacities. I urge you to support these three harmful hunting techniques and help the bear population of your state become healthy once again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Harvey Barrison via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Stephen Murphy says:

    Not just the Chinese that are cruel then.

  2. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    No animal should be hunted in the first place. The people who do this are monsters. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like to be done to you.

  3. caryl sawyer says:

    Damn! One more place to cross off list for possible family reunion next year.

    Not gonna spend money where there a dueling banjos.

  4. Evil psychopaths with zero empathy and no brains cannot survive by being kind, they have to keep killing. These are the mentally twisted degenerate scum who should be prosecuted and removed from society for good. Instead of incarcerating black people and framing them for crimes they have not committed prosecute psychopaths because whilst we live alongside sadistic psychopathic scum NO ANIMAL IS SAFE.

  5. L âme de mes frères ours me dit que certain humain non plus celle si.

  6. Bear Hunters are COWARDS who suffer from low self-esteem and wrongly believe that this type of atrocity makes them “macho” or “manly” or whatever (?)!!!!!

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