Stop Cruelly Killing Squirrels

Target: Manager of Tanglewood Apartments

Goal: Stop using traps to kill squirrels as a means of population control.

An apartment complex in Indiana has allegedly been setting up torturous traps to kill squirrels as a means of population control. Not only is this incredibly inhumane, but also ineffective. It is time to stop this cruelty.

The apartment complex is supposedly using “body-gripping traps” to kill the squirrels and these traps are as terrible as they sound. The traps can also kill non-target wildlife, including endangered species. The traps are an attempt at population control, however, mass killings often lead to undesired results. When a population dramatically decreases, supplies and resources go up, which leads to increased breeding and an increased population.

Sign this petition and demand the apartment complex get rid of these cruel traps and start using kinder and more effective means of population control.


Dear Manager,

It recently came to my attention that Tanglewood Apartments is supposedly using “body-gripping traps” to kill squirrels as a means of population control. Not only is this incredibly cruel, but mass killings are not an effective method of population control. It is time to start utilizing cruelty-free and effective ways of population control.

When a large portion of a population is killed, supplies go up, which leads to increased breeding and an increased population. In addition, “body-gripping traps” can also kill non-target wildlife, including endangered species. There are humane methods of population control and I strongly encourage you to look into these options.

Please end this cruelty and stop needlessly killing squirrels. These traps are cruel and a waste of your time and money.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: likeaduck

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  1. Anne Moeller says:

    We are the ones how moved into their habitats so we must live with them NOT kill them!

  2. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This is where squirrels live….outside! Stop murdering them and Leave them the hell alone. This is sick and needs to stop!

  3. Mia Malich says:

    No! Not these little fuzzballs, no no no… I am repulsed by where our society is headed but I cannot believe this would happen to the animals I love the most. Stupid pigs everywhere :/ ALL living things inhabit the planet as much as the others, so learn to coexist with the ones you don’t like. But this lazy piece of shit trapping of although rambunctious sometimes but still super cute little bundles of fur will not go on under my watch. I am a writer and passionate speaker on behalf of causes I care about to give a voice to voiceless animals and humans, and I will keep myself healthy and away from potentially hazardous circumstances to stay alive and witness any kind of change in society if it is the only thing I do.

  4. Stella Waldvogel says:

    I have a large pecan tree outside my bedroom. Sometimes the squirrels get in my walls. They try to scratch holes in the drywall and annoy me, so I knock on the wall a few times and they go back outside.
    Stop killing everything that is inconvenient to you. Maybe you’re inconvenient to the animals, or to people. Is anybody killing you?

  5. Czerny A. says:

    While I find squirrels maddening because they dig up my garden and plantings, I don’t kill them. I use a humane trap and relocate them elsewhere; but if I’ve caught a female during birthing season, I let her go and get her later. Over the years, I’ve rehomed hundreds of squirrels.

  6. Tina shurtleff says:

    Relocate them. Why cruelly kill them? This constant horrible attack on our wildlife, farm animals and companion animals must be stopped. Live trap them and release them in a forest area. Do the humane thing

  7. Relocating a wild animal is not only cruel in itself, it also leaves the possibility that a whole nest of babies were left behind to die.

    Wildife, like us in “our” neighborhoods, know their way around–where to find food and water, the threats, timing of various things going on, etc. Put yourself in the place of the animal you’re aiming to destroy. Look at any situation from their perspective and see life through their eyes. THINK PEOPLE.

    Wildlife help in many ways that people rarely consider. Without squirrels, there’d be far more unwanted tree saplings (such as oaks, pecans, hickory, etc.) springing up everywhere. Squirrels neutralize nuts they bury so they don’t sprout. That’s just one way they’re beneficial.

    Squirrels, like ALL animals, have as much right to their lives and families as humans, more right, in fact, because they don’t go about deliberately targeting the lives of others.

    ALL wildlife, on land or in the sea, is essential for the survival of the planet and the humans who live on it. Each species, no matter its size nor how insignificant it may seem to humans, has its own role in making this planet work and thrive efficiently.

    Humans, however, are the least necessary species on earth, and it, and every other species on it would fare much better without any of us or the destruction we leave in our wake.

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