Stop Killing Pigs to Test Body Armor

Pig - Petr Kratochvil - Public Domain Pictures

Target: Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for United Kingdom Ministry of Defence

Goal: Stop the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence from using animals for cruel, deadly, experiments

About 28,000 pigs, monkeys, and guinea pigs were killed by the United Kingdom’s (UK) Ministry of Defence in the last 3 years during brutal, painful, cruel experiments. Pigs were blown up to test body armor, monkeys were infected with deadly diseases, and guinea pigs where poisoned with nerve gas among other atrocious tests. Tell Philip Hammond at the Ministry of Defence to stop these barbaric experiments on animals.

A freedom of information request submitted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has revealed disturbing experiments on animals perpetrated by the UK government. Defence chiefs have admitted that the animals suffered substantial pain and significant, prolonged, suffering before they were killed at the Porton Down facility.

The request revealed 379 marmosets, 47 macaques, 303 pigs, 123 rabbits, 1,241 guinea pigs, and thousands of mice and rats died between 2010 and 2012 at the hands of the ministry. Even military working dogs were subjected to extreme hot and cold temperatures to test how they performed their duties.

Animal testing for these purposes is barbaric and outdated. The UK is one of only a handful of countries that still participates in these kinds of horrible tests. Over 80% of North American Treaty Organization allies have switched to simulators and other non-animal methods. Tell Philip Hammond of the Ministry of Defence to stop his horrific treatment of animals.


Dear Mr. Hammond,

A recent request for information revealed that your agency has brutally, and painfully, killed nearly 28,000 animals in military experiments over the last 3 years. You have blown up pigs dressed in body armor, given nerve gas to monkeys, and injected marmosets with deadly diseases. These animals suffered painfully for prolonged periods before being killed. This practice is abhorrent and completely unnecessarily and must be stopped immediately.

You have caused the painful death of 379 marmosets, 47 macaques, 303 pigs, 123 rabbits, 1,241 guinea pigs, and thousands of mice and rats between 2010 and 2012. 80% of your NATO allies have switched to advanced simulators and other non-animal test methods, proving that there is no legitimate purpose for these tests and these animals are being tortured for no reason.

It’s reported that some animals were forced to breath mustard gas which burned their lungs and caused huge blisters on their skin, causing them extreme pain before they eventually died from their lungs filling with fluid. Mr. Hammond, stop using animals for these types of military tests immediately. They are cruel, painful, completely unnecessary, and an abuse of your power over these defenseless captive animals.


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Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil via PublicDomainPictures

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  1. Gina chronowicz says:

    It’s terrible that some people think it’s ok to torture another species just because we have chosen to murder each other.

    • Lyndsay Norton Lyndsay Norton says:

      Brilliant way of telling the truth!!

    • Agreed. Just because we have a more intellectual (no offense meant to any animals) understanding of our world that has allowed us to develop cities and use science…etc does NOT mean we should disrespect animals and force them to partake in experiments that hurt them.

      I really believe humans (in general) are the most destructive creature..and that’s counting viruses and parasites. They are soly acting on instinct while we willingly CHOOSE to harm other creatures as well as hurt each other.

  2. How absolutely disgusting. Shame on you for inflicting such misery and cruelty.

  3. What has gone wrong with the world.That we think we can use animals inthe way to torture living creatures that cannot fight back. And we are suppose to be the superior race I doubt it.

  4. clotilde gentile says:

    inutile strazio per animali

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