Catch Person Who Tied Dog to Cinder Block and Left Him to Drown

Target: Mike Sharp, Sheriff, Jackson County, Missouri

Goal: Find and punish person who tied a dog to a cinder block and left him to drown.

Police are looking for the person responsible for tying a dog to a cinder block and abandoning him on the edge of a lake. The dog, a Labrador/shepherd mix, was found caked in mud along the shoreline of Longview Lake in Jackson County, chained to a 12×12 cinder block. Investigators say that the act was intentional, and the suspect likely left the dog near the shore in hopes that rising tides would drown the animal.

Fortunately, park rangers found the dog before this happened. The dog was scared of anyone who approached him, but was finally rescued. Now named Deputy, the 5 to 7-year-old dog is now recovering at the Great Plains SPCA’s shelter in Independence, Missouri. Due to some medical issues, he will require some veterinary care before he is put up for adoption.

Police are urging any witnesses to come forward with any information they may have. Rights group PETA is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to the capture and conviction of the person responsible.

This cruel treatment of an animal is completely unnecessary. The owner of the dog could have done the right thing and surrendered the animal to a rescue organization if they could not care for him. Sign the petition below to ask police to dedicate extra resources to finding and charging the person responsible.


Dear Mr. Sharp,

A dog was recently found tied to a cinder block near the shore of Longview Lake in Jackson County. The dog was found caked in mud, presumably left to die when the water level rose. Fortunately, rescuers were able to save the scared dog, but he will require veterinary care for medical issues before he can be adopted.

Police are urging any witnesses to come forward with any information they may have, and PETA is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information that leads to the capture and conviction of the person responsible.

This barbaric act was completely unnecessary — there are several rescue groups in the area who take unwanted pets. We, the undersigned, ask you to dedicate extra resources to finding and charging the person responsible.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Margaret Melnick says:

    Why is a picture of the dog not circulated on tv and the paper? Also name the lake the dog was found at. I am sure with the reward someone would turn in the owner of this animal. Make the public aware by giving all the information and pictures.

  2. How many signatures required to dial? And why I can sign the same petition many times? Other petitions show the quantity of required signatures and they can not be signed twice. And they never ask for our money.

  3. Eva Cantu says:


  4. FIRST, I am thrilled that Rangers found this dog — thank you a million times — JOB WELL DONE! — what’s more, just in time — SECOND, crimes against animals MUST be taken seriously — there are way too many idiot-monsters loose in our world — think of the suffering inflicted on this sweet dog — options are available YET the imbeciles chose this depravity as a solution — Why allow psychos to get away with these abuses — who do they think they ARE — round them up & throw these insane criminals into prison — mete out severe punishments OR whatever it takes to ensure they do NOT repeat their demented crimes — LENGTHY prison terms — along with hefty fines — we want NO repeats of abuse to and killings of animals, EVER !

    • Kathy Khoshfahm says:


    • Well said. But we need the magistrates and judges to follow through on these cases and impose the maximum sentence. Globally it seems just a slap on the wrist is applied. Not good enough. The community demands tough justice for these criminals. Get them off our streets …….

  5. All of these killers are said to suffer the same problems as these poor animals
    damn whoring sons

  6. Rot in hell with a gasoline jumpsuit (covers more than pants) animal abusers!

  7. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Mike – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth, too. They have just as much a right to live their lives on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans. This act is attempted murder and should be treated as such. Although the perpetrator of this crime will probably never be apprehended, animal cruelty laws need to be stiffened. Only then will we see a decline in this type of behavior towards animals.

  8. Bear de Mel says:

    PeTA standing up for Animals again, well done. Please circulate details and photographs in the news media , some one will want the reward .

  9. lynn woods says:

    thank god he was rescued I hope the creature that left him there is found and punished what a vile thing to do to this poor dog

  10. Alison Scott says:

    I think inspectors should be going round people!e’s houses regularly checking on animals maybe then Somme of the poor wee souls would be saved Before they are subjected to this abhorrent torthre Hope the fi!tb is caught and set on fire!

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