Don’t Allow Lab Animals to Be Starved and Gassed

Target: Thomas Mengler, President of St. Mary’s University

Goal: Stop college professor’s alleged cruel starvation experiments on animals.

Animals are allegedly being cruelly starved to death for a professor’s experiments at St. Mary’s University. After conducting these experiments to study the effects of starvation, Professor Marshall McCue allegedly kills the animal test subjects. It is time to stop this terrible and unnecessary research.

Supposedly, Professor McCue has starved rats, mice, quails, sparrows, snakes, fish, toads, and geckos for up to 11 days to study starvation’s effects. What he has found is that those who are starved display physiological effects — common sense that has been known for years. Allegedly, Professor McCue keeps the animals in empty, barren cages, fearing that bedding would be eaten in desperation. After the starvation period is over, Professor McCue supposedly gasses the animals to death.

Sign this petition and demand these experiments are put to an end. Animals are suffering and dying for research that has brought about no useful information. This cruelty needs to stop.


Dear President Mengler,

Marshall McCue is a professor at your university who has allegedly been conducing inhumane and useless experiments that have led to the suffering and deaths of countless animals. It is time to end the cruelty and stop this unnecessary research.

Supposedly, Professor McCue has been starving rats, mice, quails, sparrows, snakes, fish, toads, and geckos for up to 11 days. Allegedly, he even goes as far as keeping the cages completely barren fearing that the animals will eat the bedding out of desperation. All he has concluded from this research is that starving animals display physiological effects which is something that has been known for years and is practically common sense. According to inside sources, Professor McCue then gasses the animals to death when the starvation period is over.

Please put an end to these experiments. The research being conducted is not only incredibly cruel, but a waste of the university’s time, money, and resources.


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Photo credit: Aaron Logan

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  1. Tony DeLia says:

    It is incredible what can pas for acceptable in the vast and cruel world of “scientific” animal research. You have to be a sadist /psychopath to perform much of this “research” which is truly unnecessary both practically and academically.

  2. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Tom – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth too and not one belongs in any lab – anywhere. You hold the position and power to do something about this situation at St. Mary’s University so please! Do the job you were hired to do and stop this insane act of cruelty. It is so totally unnecessary and innocent animals are being tortured and murdered…

  3. Susan Budde says:

    This guy is a sociopath. He is accomplishing nothing from a research standpoint. He is just torturing animals and probably enjoys it. He should be arrested, or better yet, killed!! He is a danger to society as a whole. No one could do this unless they are sadistic.

  4. – here’s his email address at St. Mary’s University … let him know what you think of his sick experiments.

  5. Carmen Rocco says:

    Shame on you, who gave this man the power to do this cruelty. Is he a professional I don’t think so a sadistic guy . Why don’t he tries his experiment on himself.
    Well I hope you get this university or lab whatever closed as such cruelty must be abolished. Disgusting monster get your brains arranged. People like you are a shame to live on earth. What you do comes back and hope you get soon your karma .

  6. We need to implement the same actions to these ignorant uncivilised bastards and their loved ones!!!!

  7. tera tuky says:

    Would like to see you people locked up without food or water…just as you did these sentient beings.

  8. Tracy Joseph says:

    How on earth did this pass an ethics board???? For what purpose (what is the thesis?) was this experiment designed?? Like 90% of the experiments in the physiology departments in the universities there is no point in doing them (i.e. no value to the greater good to mankind). Professors just want to be published to ensure their next grants. What do they care that what they are doing is legalised animal abuse??? As long as they get published!!!! How do you explain to your children what it is you do? They would be horrified to know how mommy/daddy hurts animals all day…and I suppose that is all I need to know to understand it is wrong.

  9. Professor Marshall McCue should be removed from the University completely! What a total monster! This University needs to fire him immediately!!

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