Increase Cat Adoptions in Shelters

Target: Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States

Goal: Reduce the number of cats in shelters by providing kitty and me adoption programs for kids.

Every animal that enters an animal shelter is stepping into an uncertain future. Some animals are luckier than others, and cats tend to be the unluckiest. Many people don’t realize that cats make wonderful pets, especially for kids. Animal shelters struggle to find successful methods of advertising their adoptable cats. What these cats need is a program that pairs them with kids and teaches the children about how cats make wonderful pets.

Creating a kitty and me adoption program would be a great way to bring potential adopters into shelters. It would also shed light on the adoptability of cats, something that many people are unaware of. Interacting with a cat in an animal shelter is nearly impossible. Cats tend to be shy and nervous when in a shelter environment and are often seen as aloof. This perceived lack of interest in the potential adopter is often what costs the cats their chances at adoption. The kitty and me adoption program would be in an environment that would be beneficial to creating a positive relationship between child and cat.

The kitty and me adoption program would increase the rates of successful cat adoptions. During the program, the children would learn the basics of caring for cats. Each adoptable cat would also be paired up with a matching household, which would decrease the rate of cat returns. With the rate of successful adoptions that this program would create, more people would be likely to consider adopting a cat. In addition to successful adoptions, the shelters would have a volunteer group that would be available for additional help if any of the participating children needed any.

Please sign this petition and urge the Humane Society of the United States to create a cat adoption program.


Dear Wayne Pacelle,

In shelters across the U.S. cats are struggling to get adopted. People often overlook cats as good companion animals. Many potential adopters are just unaware of how amazing cats are because cats struggle to show their true colors in the stressful environment of a tradition animal shelter.

Preparing children for being responsible pet caretakers would increase the likelihood of family adoptions and would decrease the rate of animal returns. By pairing kids and cats based on home life, fewer behavioral problems would arise and fewer cats would be surrendered due to unforeseen issues.

After the cat was adopted, the kids would continue to get additional support from a volunteer group. These volunteers would be available if the children had additional questions or concerns that their parents didn’t feel qualified to answer. Through this program, children would also become cat advocates and their cats would become ambassadors for shelter cats everywhere.

I urge you to create a kitty and me adoption program that would increase the rate of cat adoptions and involve the community by focusing on children.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Takashi Hososhima

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  1. HSUS is, essentially a lobbying organization, but one that urges legislators to support and enact legislation that *promotes* animal welfare. HSUS, and Mr. Pacelle in particular, is not the appropriate recipient for this petition. I suggest you redirect this petition to the ASPCA.

    • Lynsey Chinnery says:

      yep, I have To agree with you there, I can’t believe their still considered a humane society at all. I do like the a idea of the kitty and me thing though, that’s a great idea. Cats are wonderful. I have 5, all rescues.

    • I agree as well. In any case, the HSUS has no jurisdiction over any local shelter in the US.

  2. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Not being from the US, I take the above concerns and hope the correct people/society will likewise be approached.
    I really do like this idea of ‘Kitty and Me’ program, it sounds excellent.
    Please get this done very soon! Thanks

  3. The kitty and me program sounds brilliant. I hope that all shelters adopt it so that more cats are saved. I had five cats at one point in my life, all had been abandoned and left to fend for themselves but I’m a sucker for anything furry. They all had unique personalities and were wonderful little companions. They’re not nearly as demanding as dogs but just as cuddly. I would ask anyone who is considering a pet for their child to consider having a cat. Caged animals are labour intensive, cats are much easier and easier to handle too.

  4. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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