Hold Wind Farms Accountable for Endangered Bird Deaths


Target: Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell

Goal: Force wind farms to take precautions to prevent killing endangered raptors

Wind farms are an important source of renewable energy and help to reduce our carbon footprint. However, these wind farms also cause hundreds of thousands of bird and bat deaths each year, including the deaths of endangered species such as golden eagles. Wind power companies should be held accountable for the endangered birds that they kill and forced to adhere to best practices when setting up these farms, including researching the possible impact of new wind farms on bird and bat populations before the wind farms are built. These measures would help to reduce the number of birds and bats killed by the turbines.

Although a good source of green energy, the enormous turbines found on industrial wind farms are a huge hazard for birds. Raptors like the golden eagle are especially vulnerable. These birds scan the ground for prey during flight and don’t notice the huge spinning turbines until it is too late. A single wind farm at Altamont Pass in California kills more than 60 eagles per year.

These bird kills go largely unpunished. Without any sort of incentive to improve its practices to minimize bird kills, especially of endangered species, the wind power industry will continue with business as usual. That why it is important that it be held accountable for its actions and encouraged to locate wind farms at sites that will minimize environmental impacts.


Dear Secretary Jewell,

Wind power is an important part of our plan to reduce global warming; however, this does not mean that wind power companies should be given a free pass to kill endangered birds and bats. These companies should be encouraged to avoid development in environmentally sensitive areas, and to research other ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Without a system of reward and punishment there will be no incentive for these companies to mitigate the harm they cause to endangered species, and these practices will become business as usual. With appropriate motivation wind companies will discover new ways to limit environmental impacts so that they can continue to be a viable source of renewable energy in the future.

Please encourage these companies to take measures to reduce bird kills, and to research new and better ways to build wind farms that will limit their environmental impact.


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  1. Ken Goldsmith says:

    “Although a good source of green energy,”
    Not true. They are mechanically unreliable, the infrasound causes health problems for people and animals in the vicinity, and because the wind is not reliable 24/7, backup power has to be available. No one would build these farms if it were not subsidised, it is a con on a con.
    “Wind power is an important part of our plan to reduce global warming” On the assumption that this refers to the AGWism scam, A-CO2 makes a contribution to Climate Change that will be too small to measure by the endof this century. A con, used to justify another con, designed to de-industrialise the West.

  2. Get rid of these stupid windmills and find some real green solutions, such as protecting endangered species.

  3. The petition should read that the wind industry should be held accountable for all the protected species slaughtered by their turbines because most of the species being killed are not endangered at this time. Wind is also not green nor is it a good source of energy. Here is an example of how bad things really are. Accurate eagle population numbers from around Altamont and California have been deliberately avoided. It is part of the rigging process. The eagle population numbers numbers used by the FWS I believe came from the ridiculous and bogus eagle surveys conducted by an outfit called West INC. All they did was fly around in an airplane and then did some math. This company has made a fortune off the wind industry studies and I do not believe a single one of their studies has any merit. I also believe that West Inc covered up tens of thousands of bird and bat fatalities at the Criterion project in Maryland with their version of a mortality study, by not looking where most of the turbine carcasses could be found.

    Regaedless of where the FWS came up with their eagle population figures but they are off by about 3 times on the high side. This of course helps the wind industry because then they are allowed to kill more and new projects are approved. At best, I believe that there there are between 200- 300 nesting pairs of golden eagles left in all of California and Oregon. I have some credible evidence tto support this estimate. This expands out to a population of about 1000-1200 golden eagles when including all juveniles and sub adults. The Altamont Pass and the Montezuma Hills wind farms are killing at least 75 eagles per year. . Below is what I wrote in the comments submitted for the Shiloh IV wind project on 11/25/2013……………… As discussed in the FWS Eagle Take Policy, the FWS’s objective is to manage the species by authorizing take at a level that is less that 5 percent of the local area population. Despite the low estimated eagle mortality derived from wind industry studies, the local/regional wind turbine fatality of eagles is not even close to 5% and is likely to be in the range of 25%-50% per year. With proper studies and analysis it would also be found that the golden eagle mortality from both the Montezuma Hills and Altamont Pass Wind Resource areas, already easily exceeds 5% percent of the total golden eagle population for all of California and probably Oregon combined. This amount of mortality far exceeds any reasonable or ethical meaning for the term “regional population”.

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