Save Wildlife From Impending Harm

Target:  John Stokes, Fort Collins Natural Area Department Head

Goal: Create safe trails for animals to move through neighborhoods and cities.

Fort Collins has a lot of wildlife passing through on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these animals face many dangers as they try to travel through their territorial range. Deer, squirrels, foxes, coyotes and other animals call Fort Collins home. In order to travel in search of food, shelter or whatever else they need, they have to negotiate the challenges that come with living near humans. Wildlife trails should be created in order to provide wildlife with safe ways to travel around human developments.

In any place where wildlife is common, there are bound to be human and wildlife interactions. These encounters aren’t usually negative, but they can be if handled improperly. Sometimes, these encounters are unintentional but unfortunately end poorly for the animal. Cars and other forms of human transportation always pose a danger to animals, especially wild animals that aren’t accustomed to vehicles or that are too small for people to always notice. Snakes, rabbits, deer and squirrels are common victims of roadside collisions. If these animals had a safer way around the city, they would use it.

Wildlife and humans are always going to be living very closely together. It’s crucial that we find a way for a harmonious existence to take place. Fort Collins boasts impressive bike trails that allow people to enjoy the outdoors and safely ride their bikes throughout town. Wildlife should be afforded the same option by having trails of their own. These trails would be wildlife use only, which would prevent unintentional encounters with humans and eliminate roadside collisions.

Wild animals need to be given special consideration when it comes to living alongside humans. They aren’t all adapted to our way of living and in many cases, we’re more destructive than we intend to be. We can give these animals a safer way to live by us and still have the opportunities to see them. Please sign this petition to urge Fort Collins to build wildlife trails.


Dear Mr. Stokes,

Fort Collins has a wide spread of local wildlife living near humans. While people love seeing their wild neighbors, the animals don’t quite feel the same. Vehicle collisions, unintended encounters, and noise pollution are only a few examples of the trials that wildlife face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of these encounters end up fatal for the animals.

Wild animals need their own trail system to be able to safely make their way through cities and neighborhoods as they travel their vast territorial range. Providing these trails would minimize wildlife deaths due to humans and would cut down on animal collisions on roadways. Deer and squirrels are common victims of vehicle collisions, while rabbits are often victims of companion animal encounters.

People love living alongside wildlife, but they don’t always consider the impact they have on the animals. Wild animals aren’t always adapted to the changes that people make to a once wild area. While many do adapt and thrive in human developments, others have a harder time surviving. If Fort Collins were to add wildlife trails, all the local wildlife would be able to safely move through the city. As humans push further and further into animal habitats, we have to find a way to coexist. Adding a safe way to travel seems like a small token to these beautiful creatures we cherish. Please create wildlife trails through Fort Collins so that animals can safely and peacefully live amongst us.


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Photo Credit: Peter Trimming

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