Ban Cruel and Deadly Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

Target: John Tecklenburg, Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina

Goal: Ban horse-drawn carriages in Charleston, South Carolina.

Footage recently emerged of Big John, a horse used to draw carriages in Charleston, South Carolina, collapsing to the ground as he pulled a dozen people through busy streets. Not only are horse-drawn carriages outdated, but they can also lead to death. It is time to ban this unnecessary cruelty.

In addition to Big John collapsing, he was unable to get back on his feet until his harness and equipment were taken off and he was assisted up with a strap. Across the country, horses that are used to pull carriages have been seriously injured and have even died. Heatstroke, hit and runs, and leg injuries are common problems these horses face.

Sign this petition and demand that Charleston ban horse-drawn carriages. These animals should not be exploited for profit any longer.


Dear Mayor Tecklenburg,

Recently a horse, named Big John, collapsed while pulling a dozen people through the busy streets of Charleston. He was not able to stand back up until all of his equipment was taken off and he was assisted with a strap. The footage is hard to watch, but it is something that can be avoided in the future.

Horses used to pull carriages face a variety of dangers including, but not limited to, heatstroke, hit and runs, leg injuries, and even death. Navigating busy streets while pulling a heavy carriage is no easy feat and an incredibly stressful one for these animals.

It is time to stop exploiting animals for this unnecessary cruelty. Please consider banning horse-drawn carriages in Charleston. No animal should suffer for human entertainment.


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Photo credit: Ineffable3000

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  1. Marjorie Coey says:

    12 PEOPLE HE WAS PULLING???? What are the restrictions on this in this state?

    That is way too many and in humidity too! PLEASE take this animal away from this awful owner and retire him?

  2. Horse Drawn carriage rides are SO NOT necessary, and it’s just ridiculous that horses need to suffer over this trivial past time! What is going on? Why are there so many (and I mean MANY) heartless, and thoughtless people not looking at the “big picture” here?! Can you imagine a world with NO animals in it because of human greed and our lack of compassion for animals? I can’t even think about it much less would want to live in this crappy world. I LOVE animals ALL animals. It just makes my blood boil and my broken heart cry.

  3. Patricia Wicker says:


  4. Horses don’t need this shit! Stop this now!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Horse drawn carriages in any and all cities should be banned permanently. It is cruel and inhumane treatment to the horses and also extremely dangerous.

  6. Nancy Boyd says:

    This is pure animal abuse!

  7. There is film circulating on the internet of Big John, a horse who recently collapsed on a downtown Charleston street while being forced to haul a carriage with 12 passengers.

    It’s bad enough to coerce horses into pulling these carriages day in and day out in all kinds of weather as they inhale the exhaust of vehicles, but to be forced to haul 12 people! That is ridiculous.

    Not only is this a hazard for the horses, but because these horses can startle due to traffic, sirens, and loud music, they could cause accidents or injury to people.

    I ask that you please follow the lead of numerous cities–including Key West, Florida; Biloxi, Mississippi; and Salt Lake City–and outlaw horse-drawn carriages in Charleston. Thank you for your consideration in this most important matter.

  8. Candy Niewinski says:

    This needs to Stop! Shame on the people that continue to climb into those carriage. If they’d wake up and pull thier heads out of thier asses and stop riding, the carriage owners would be forced to go out of business. This angers me to no end, these poor horses.

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