Protect Pets from Repeat Animal Abusers


Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Ban abusive owners from keeping domestic animals

When animal abusers are found guilty of treating their animals cruelly, too often they are released with a minor sentence. It has become common practice to ban such people from owning domestic pets for five years, but this random, short, period of time does not deter true animal abusers from continuing to exploit sentient creatures. When a person is found guilty of committing crimes against a pet, it should be law that the person is not permitted to own pets at all. Urge President Barack Obama to enact a law that bans convicted animal abusers from owning domestic animals.

In a recent New Hampshire case, claimed to be one of the largest animal cruelty cases in the area, repeat offender Shirley Patch pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty which included neglect of three dogs as well as goats, chickens, and horses. All the animals were found with protruding hips and ribs. Not surprisingly, Patch had been charged with similar accounts in 2009 when she starved five of her horses.

Cases like this one occur all too frequently today, as animal abusers are handed the opportunity to repeat their crimes, most of which constitute animal neglect, a transgression that causes as much suffering as purposeful harm. When criminals prove they are incapable of caring for other creatures, they should be effectively stopped from repeating the offense. Whether in five years or fifty, the guilty party does not deserve a second chance because too often these result in more abuse.

Patch’s case resulted in her being permanently banned from keeping livestock, but in five short years she will be allowed to buy more domestic companions for her dog, cat, and mouse. For reasons unknown, she was sufficiently punished for starving horses and chickens, but not dogs and cats. This kind of arbitrary decision is unfair and far too common.

Urge President Barack Obama to enact a law that bans convicted animal abusers from owning domestic animals.


Dear President Barack Obama,

While many Americans support stricter punishment for severe cases of animal abuse, it is problematic that those convicted of neglecting animals are still allowed to keep pets at all. Too often, abusers repeat their crimes because their punishment was not severe enough to deter them from committing the same act repeatedly. Our present system allows men and women to starve their animals, deny them shelter, and even physically abuse them without suffering more than a slap on the wrist.

While a stricter sentence, such as increased prison time or quadrupled fines, may deter some offenders, enabling offenders to repeat their crimes is the root problem. As long as convicted animal abusers own pets, they are tempted over time to abuse the victims again. Please enact laws that protect animals from repeat offenders by banning convicted animal abusers from owning domestic pets.


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  1. the punishment for any animal that has been hurt should be the same thing done to the person who has committed such an act, they are evil twisted people, so make the punishment fit the crime.

  2. When we domesticate animals we become responsible for their well-being. We must protect ALL animals from abuse and abusers.

    This is why we NEED a national database of animal abusers.
    These evil monsters can torture and kill animals over and over until we stop them.

  3. renee jeanine ragno says:

    Where is the honor, moral, ethics, backbone?

    Coward or champion?

    Severe consequences must be put into place and enforced for animal abusers, poachers, etc. It is our duty, obligation to protect the innocent, helpless defenseless against the cruelty, cowardiness, selfishness, sloth of man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are we becoming.

  4. Jennifer Yell says:

    Punishment alone will never stop a severely psychologically disturbed person from committing despicable acts. It doesn’t matter if it is illegal for these people to own animals for five years or fifty. If they want to inflict harm, they will. Illegal or not. The only solution is in two parts. One: Cruel people are not born, they are created. Children need to be protected from abuse, so they do not grow up to become they very people we’re talking about…savage psychopaths. Two: Anyone found committing these acts must receive immediate and intense, long-term psychotherapy. Fines and jail time will do nothing. These severely damaged brains need to be rewired through therapy. It is the only hope for them to not just harm another animal when released from jail/ after paying a fine.

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