Stop Timber Companies From Killing Koalas


Target: Sir Richard Baker, President of the Australian Senate

Goal: Stop loggers and timber harvesters from destroying the Austrialian koala’s last remaining habitat

Although Australia is known for beautiful eucalyptus forests that are home to the koala, the Australian government has allowed the timber industry to ruin much of this precious ecosystem by logging. Because the koalas’ natural habitats are disappearing, they are forced to live on new eucalyptus plantations. Koalas are thriving off of the eucalyptus trees, but harvesters are cutting the trees down every single day.The koalas move very slowly in nature, and therefore cannot possibly escape the timber harvesters fast enough.

The koala population in Australia has been reduced down to about 3,000-8,000. Although they are not classified as an endangered species, the population of koalas has dropped by ninety percent in the last decade. Logging, agriculture, and urban development have reduced the number of areas available to koalas.  It has been reported that timber workers find injured and dead koalas daily. Although rescue teams are doing the best they can to rescue these koalas, it may not be enough.

Sign this petition to tell the Australian governments and environmental authorities to defend the koalas and save their natural habitat from destruction.


Dear Sir Richard Baker,

Australia has always been known for its abundant agriculture and habitats which house thousands of beautiful koalas. Unfortunately, loggers, harvesters, and agricultural plans have been destroying the koala’s habitat, forcing koalas to settle on eucalyptus plantations. The koalas move too slow for them to escape from approaching timber employers. They cannot climb down the trees fast enough, and therefore they hold on for their lives while the trees are being chopped down.

Please help stop timber plantations from destroying any more of the koala’s natural habitat. The number of koalas in Australia has already dropped by 90%. Help stop the destruction of the forests and turning them into plantations. The koalas are a threatened species and they need our help.


Photo Credit: Diliff via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. who do we humans really think we are, we have no right to just wipe these dear beautiful little creatures out of the homes, we should be looking out for everything to be protected, hope one day it comes back to bite you.

  2. These beautiful symbols of Australia have so much going against them like KIDS and chlamydia. The LAST thing they need is habitat loss – and THIS IS TOTALLY PREVENTABLE.

    Australia – do the right thing.


  4. Irena Franchi says:

    Do not kill them.

  5. These guys will never have enough compassion to stop doing what they are doing, and also they are taking orders from a higher authority than they themselves are slaving to. Signing this petition is one of the ways to stop this. How ignorant and selfish on these people to kill these Koalas. These words mean nothing to them but something that affects or threatens them such as laws, and punishment may help stop this operation. Words do not have any effects on minds like this. I am so sorry for these Koalas.

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