Stop Primates from Being Kept as Pets


Target: Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder

Goal: Stop allowing people to keep exotic primates as house pets in Michigan

Primates are wild animals and are not fit to be cared for as pets. Although Michigan has banned bears and wolves from being kept as house pets, state officials have not added primates to the list. Although primates may seem safe when they are infants, they become more aggressive in nature as they mature.  Some grow much stronger than an average human, and even the smallest monkeys can inflict severe damage on a child.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, since the year 2000 there have been about 160 reports of people being injured by pet primates. Fifty-three of those incidents involved children getting hurt.  Keeping primates as pets is inhumane and endangers the people in the household. Although some people may think that they can handle having a primate as a pet, they will never be able to provide them with the care they truly need. Primates require attention and companionship from others of their species. They should not be kept in a basement or attic and left alone while people go on with their lives, which is often what happens to primate pets. Primates are wild animals that should be living in the wild, not isolated from the world.

Please sign this petition to prohibit people from keeping primates as pets. This policy needs to pass before more people are injured or killed by these wild animals.


Dear Governor Snyder,

Primates are wild animals that are very unfit to be kept as house pets. Too many horrible incidents have occurred that show housing primates in a family household is wrong. For example, a woman cared for a monkey named Kaylie her whole life. At three years old, Kaylie attacked her owner and severed many nerve endings in the woman’s hand. Primate owners can never predict when their pet will attack them.

Inhibiting primates from living in their natural habitat is what lead to these attacks occurring. Primates are not meant to be kept as house pets. They are not meant to be pets at all. As a concerned citizen, I ask you to please end this risk to public safety and ban owners from having primates as house pets.


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Photo Credit: Wikihobby via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I will never understand people who want exotic animals as pets! these animals are wild and suffer being kept in an environment not theirs! This is tital lack of respect for life!!!!!

  2. laurel mancini says:

    what part of wild is not understood? always a bad idea. yes. little monkeys, baby elephants, cougar cubs, all of these are gorgeous and heart-melting. but, humans are not known for maintaining anything that is wild forever. eventually, the cougar, monkey, elephant get bigger, wilder and destroy or bite or claw. why? because they are wild and when annoyed or tired or have had enough of humans who do not smell right, are noisy and mostly have less education about animals, the animals react like – themselves. so. it is so wrong. no house or yard or acreage is right for Wild. Ever. are there not enough cats, dogs, horses, human babies?

  3. These smart creatures are not meant to be home pets. Leave them out in the wild where they belong with others of their own kind. Do the right thing.

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