Save Animals From Shrinking Habitats

Target: John Stokes, Fort Collins Natural Area Department Head

Goal: Require all home development areas to provide local wildlife with protected open spaces.

The population of the United States is rapidly growing and the wildlife population is most affected. More and more land is being used for housing developments, leaving the wildlife with nowhere to go. National forests provide wildlife with habitat and refuge from the increasing population, but many wildlife populations aren’t as lucky. Smaller animals such as bunnies, rodents, birds and reptiles dwell close to human settlements. But with the increase of housing developments, these animals are left with no refuge.

The further people expand, the more animals they are going to come into contact with. Many neighborhoods are built near large populations of smaller animals that are adapted to live near humans. However, without designated open spaces, these animals will find themselves with nothing. They may be adapted to live near humans, but they cannot thrive in a neighborhood that offers no refuge from houses or cars. Rabbits are a rather common animal that can survive among human populations, but even these clever critters need some space to themselves.

Builders and business are trying to claim every last bit of open land they can find. There are some designated open areas that have been given the status of a nature reserve or natural area. These areas are generally located outside of city limits and in neighborhoods that have older residents.

Every neighborhood should be required to have at least one open space set aside to provide local wildlife with homes and sources of food. Depending on the size of the neighborhoods and the animals that are located there, each open space would be tailored to fit the needs of the animals. Not every neighborhood would be expected to provide enough open space for all types of wildlife. Please sign the petition below to help protect local wildlife.


Dear John Stokes,

As the population grows, animals are finding it harder to coexist with humans. While there are many national parks that protect thousands of species from too much human contact, there are animals that have adapted to living near humans but still require some open space that is human-free. As more and more housing developments are built, open space is rapidly declining. Houses are being shoved together like blocks and many small animals like rabbits are losing their homes.

In order for us to continue living among our local wildlife, neighborhoods need to provide animals with open spaces. These open spaces will vary depending on the location of the neighborhoods. Apartment complexes can have bird areas where tenants can put up bird feeders and provide the local squirrel population with food and housing. Larger neighborhoods can designate chunks of land for rabbit and rodent populations along with larger birds, and potentially, deer.

By requiring housing developments to create open spaces for animals, you would be promoting the importance of living in harmony with our local wildlife. Allowing each development to have an open space that worked with its current layout would also make people more likely to invest in the creation and maintenance of these spaces. I urge you to require all neighborhoods and housing developments to create open spaces that provide homes for the animals with whom we share our land.


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Photo Credit: Keven Law

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  1. Eugene W Sengstake Jr says:

    Why do you think we have “shrinking habitats”? Because of an out-of-control human population! People don’t even want to talk about this – the real root of all our problems. The reality is that there is no solution – at least not one that we would want to have happen. And if you think people are going to bring our population numbers under control by themselves and by any “gentle” means – you are living in a fantasy world – – –

    • You are so right about this, overpopulation will eventually be the death of us all and the animals will go first. India is a perfect example of how bad a place can be when it’s population far exceeds the limits for a livable space. Animals are being actively pursued and killed to make way for yet more people, deplorable.

    • So what do you suggest other than “gentle” means? I don’t want to see a return to the days of forced sterilization and coercive control of “undesirables.”

    • I think two adults have to leave only two future adults after they “leave”. By saying this, I mean, that there must be a global law taken when those family which decide to have more than 2 kids- are not supported by the government, but, actually, penalized:by monthly tax on extra child, by public work or any other way. I’m sure, it will somehow make people think twice before they get into multiplying business (which not only multiplies people, but also misery, poverty, unsustainabity and further fall deeper into abyss).

  2. Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

    I would so much rather live amongst the wild animals than amongst most people-who live in excess and don’t give a damn about our world. Overpopulation seems to be giving us more psychopaths and animal abusers anyway, and if they keep this up we’ll be gone right after the animals

    • Candy Niewinski says:

      OMG! I so agree with you, I’d rather live with animals any day, after reading the horrific cases of abuse on this site inflicted by humans…. yes we’d be so much better off.

  3. I am so lucky to live in a small developed area where I welcome squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, quail, crows and the occasional bunnies and raccoons (even during the daytime.) I feed a mixture of things that they all eat. There is new construction near but not infringing on our area. I expect to see more bunnies and raccoons who are getting pushed out of open spaces. I need to get the message to builders and homeowners that critters must be included in the overall plans for communities. Coexistence not extinction.


  5. lee whitehall says:

    I have no interest in expanding this deplorable species.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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