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Target: Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates

Goal: Make all housing in Berkeley, California pet-friendly

Jesse Arreguin of the Berkeley, California City Council has proposed a law that would automatically make every home in the area, including apartments, pet-friendly. Landlords will not be allowed to prohibit cats, small dogs, and other small animals unless they can’t be “reasonably accommodated.” The tenant would still be responsible for any property damage, but they won’t have to be separated from their pets just to live in a decently priced apartment.

One of the best parts of this proposed law is that it would increase animal adoptions and reduce the number of abandoned pets, therefore reducing the number of euthanasia cases in the city. Plus, there would be fewer cases of landlords attempting to bar or evict people who are trying to live with their service animals. As long as any property damage is taken care of, there’s no reason to prevent people from living with reasonably sized animals, especially considering how many animals are in need of homes.

By signing this petition, you’ll encourage the mayor of Berkeley to support this law and help to get it passed. If this laws passes, it could inspire other cities to follow in Berkeley’s footsteps so that thousands or even millions more people can enjoy living with their furry friends.


Dear Mayor Bates,

One of the members of your City Council has put forth a proposal for a law that would make it illegal for landlords to bar any of their tenants from keeping pets as long as the animals can be reasonably accommodated. Tenants will still be responsible for any damage their pets cause, so it shouldn’t cause any hardship for the landlords. This will make it so the people of your city will no longer have to choose between decent housing and their beloved pets.

A lot of people rely on their pets for emotional support. It’s a shame when anybody has to be separated from them, and it becomes especially difficult when there are disputes between landlords and tenants about service animals. At the same time, there are a lot of animals who are in need of homes, and rules that prohibit any pets in apartment complexes mean that fewer get adopted and more need to be put down.

I urge you to support this proposed law and help Jesse Arreguin get it passed. You’ll not only be helping the citizens of Berkeley, you’ll be saving countless animals from being euthanized. Plus, you’ll serve as an example to other cities across the U.S., and hopefully others will pass similar laws. This law can only do good, and you can be a part of it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Celeste Lindell via Flickr

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  2. caryl sawyer says:

    Good God, what a brilliant idea! Think of the number of animal adoptions that would be possible.

  3. carly chichester says:

    Brilliant idea!

  4. KatWrangler says:

    Sounds like a great plan. Another item that should be put into this is that ALL animals that are living with tenants MUST be spayed/neutered. With more pets adopted, and everyone fixed, this should really help with the homeless pet situation 🙂

  5. Besides the neutered package, that seems to be legit for those who want this law, have you ‘loving’ people tried to leave your animals outside at the country side for a few weeks? Do you know the difference in their happiness between being free to run outside and the life in an apartment? NO!! So stop pretend to be animal lovers, when you actually fulfil your own needs by keeping an animal and not theirs, you SELFISH beings!!! They seem happy in an apartment, but it’s the same fake happiness you have in your own miserable caged life.

    • Jody Firneno says:

      I completely disagree. Your comment lacks morality. People don’t “pretend” to love animals just because all they can afford is an apt doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep a pet. Animals can adapt just like people, as long as there’s adequate food and water available. Yes, in a perfect world, all the animals could run freely in the country side and we could all afford mansions, but the reality is if animals can’t live in an apt with their owner, they face living in small cages at the shelter with more than likely euthanasia. So, back off with your criticism, it has no basis for truth. You need anger management classes.

    • A bit “intense” aren’t you? And slightly too aggressive (as well as unfair). – In a bad mood or so?…

  6. tamara cassidy says:

    Poor animals and poor people who love them :'(

  7. Kitty Wuerl says:

    Great idea….hopefully all those pet owners would pick up their animals waste. Another thing that should be required is ALL PETS BE SPAYED /NEUTERED & wear some sort of tag on their collar proving who their correct human is so if they get loose, they can be returned to them that much faster.

  8. Animals need to get outside for excercise too. It’s imperative that the Animals are truly wanted and Loved, and that their needs are met, and that the adopters of the Animals, are Humane Homes, not “just” homes. An Animal must have a Life, too, and their Guardian must be responsible for their well being, and Care for them, not just have a “pet to come home to”. In other words, be there for your Best Friend, like He or She, is there, for You <3

  9. Protect Them Forever!
    Protect the Animals Forever!

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