Stop Record-Setting Animal Cruelty


Target: Ken Doherty, Chairman of the Charlotte County Commission

Goal: Help end an epidemic of horrifying animal cruelty

A record number of animal cruelty cases have been documented in Charlotte County, Florida. Sadly, it isn’t simply the number of cases that has people worried, but the heinous nature of the crimes. Something must be done immediately to prevent this ongoing tragedy from escalating any further.

Thirty-eight cases of animal cruelty ended in sentencing during the 2012-2013 fiscal year in Charlotte County. This is twenty-nine more than the previous year, the highest number in Florida, and one of the highest numbers in the country. Officers with the Charlotte County Animal Control say they have never filed so many reports before. They have also never seen such severe abuse and neglect, including torture and disposing of bodies in horrifying ways. Two of the worst cases involved a man who tortured his dog by shocking it with an electrical cord repeatedly and another man who tied a cinder block to his dog’s harness and threw it in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lt. Brian Jones has responded to the situation, saying, “Things we’re seeing today that we weren’t seeing 10 years ago… Many times we find that a situation has been going on for a considerable amount of time prior to us learning about it.” The good news is that Lt. Jones and the other officers at Charlotte County Animal Control are successfully tracking down the criminals and the majority of the cases have resulted in charges and sentencing. Something still must be done, however, to alter the community’s perception of animals. It doesn’t matter that the criminals are caught if the number of animals being tortured and abused keeps increasing at such an alarming rate.

Please sign the petition below and demand that the Charlotte County government take action within the community to promote animal kindness and welfare.


Dear Chairman Doherty,

Charlotte County has had a record setting year. Unfortunately, that record is for animal cruelty cases. There were twenty-nine more charges of animal cruelty than in the previous year. To make matters worse, these were some of the worst cases Charlotte County Animal Control has ever seen and they seem to be getting worse.

This cannot continue. Lt. Brian Jones and the other officers with animal control are doing a wonderful job of finding these criminals and ensuring that they are charged and sentenced, but these cases should never reach the point where someone can be charged with a crime. They need to be prevented more than punished. Please do something immediately to educate your community about animal welfare and promote kindness toward all living things. Cruelty to animals always results in cruelty toward other humans. If the ways in which people are harming animals are becoming more heinous, it is likely this will be the same for other humans as well.  Please protect the animals of Charlotte County.


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  1. I wish these horrible people would receive the same torture they did to the animals.

  2. Anyone torturing or abusing any animal needs to be treated like the CRIMINAL they are. This behavior shows what’s in their very core, and they are a danger to the rest of us and animals.

    And remember, Charlotte County, as I’m sure you know, cat abuse is under-reported and usually extremely violent. This is how most serial killer start. Get a clue.

  3. Jennifer Yell says:

    The only way to deal with behavior this depraved is to prevent it in the first place. If this particular area has a high rate of animal cruelty, I would expect equally high levels of drug abuse, and severe child neglect and abuse. Evil people are not born, they are created. Protecting children from abuse, so they don’t grow up to be savage psychopaths such as those who have committed these acts, is the only way. And for those who it is already too late, immediate and intensive, life-long psychotherapy is the only possible hope that they will not just commit these same acts again once released from prison. Punishment alone will never work on completely broken and barbaric human beings.

    • Your theory has merit – good parents and teachers should identify and prevent negative behavior. I agree that would make a huge difference. But there are exceptions to everything. Some people are just monsters, and evil, and nothing can change that.

      Not to air my dirty laundry, but I did NOT have a happy, loving childhood. The LAST thing I want to do is damage or torture anyone or anything else.
      That’s what my first 17 years taught me – how NOT to treat people or animals. Hard lessons, but that’s what I took from my situation. I’ll never be “normal” but know the difference between right and wrong, and take one day at a time, and love every minute of my life now.

      My husband’s (of 33 years) brother was raised by the same parents, in the same house, and he’s evil – my husband is not. Go figure.

  4. These monsters have no soul. They are cowards and choose innocent victims. How much longer until they attack an innocent child. Lock these perverts up!!

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