Return Wolves to Olympic National Park

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Target: Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

Goal: To reintroduce gray wolves to their historic habitat in Olympic National Park

The gray wolf was once an integral part of the ecosystem of Olympic National Park, but tragically the species was exterminated from the park during the 19th century, as it was throughout most of the United States. The successful reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park shows us that wolf reintroduction is overwhelmingly popular to the American people. A native wolf population in Olympic Park would benefit the park’s ecosystem, increase tourism, and boost the local economy.

Olympic Park is an ideal location for wolf reintroduction. If wolves were returned to their home in the Olympic forests, studies suggest that this would improve the health of maples and cottonwoods near streams where overgrazing by elk is common. This would in turn benefit the salmon that spawn in the park’s rivers. Other areas with restored wolf populations have already demonstrated an increase in eco-tourism. Furthermore, the park is surrounded by timberland rather than farmland, so there is a reduced risk of conflicts with the park’s neighbors due to livestock predation.

A poll conducted by Defender’s of Wildlife showed overwhelming support for the reintroduction of wolves in Olympic National Park amongst Olympic Peninsula respondents, as well as respondents throughout Washington. Additionally, a study conducted by biologists concluded that Olympic Park could easily support a native wolf population. With wolves being threatened in states such as Wyoming and Minnesota it is important that we begin to re-establish populations in other wild areas such as Olympic National Park.


Dear Governor Jay Inslee,

Wolves were historically an essential part of the ecosystem of Olympic Park, as they were throughout the state of Washington. Your constituents in Washington strongly support the reintroduction of wolves to the park, as do people nationwide.

Please consider taking action to reintroduce wolves to Olympic Park, where they can thrive as part of a pristine wilderness. This would benefit the ecosystem of the park as well as helping to ensure the health of the nation’s endangered wolf population. It would also be a benefit to the local economy as a result of increased tourism to the area.


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  1. Continuous sickening Killing of wild life is unconscionable, irresponsible and downright evil. These beings suffer enough to survive because of man’s sickening selfish greed but still man pursue in killing them for no good reasons. You hunt their food, you encroach in their environment then you continue to kill them for your sickening pleasure!! Logically, just who are the bastards who do not deserve to be here!!

  2. Jolene Robbins says:

    Please let the Wolves live in peace..They are the keepers of Nature! Wolves are essential to keep a healthy balance in nature…They are pack animals..mate for life.You only kill to eat..not for pleasure! God made them to be here! For us to be there keepers & to respect all of God’s beings..Stop murdering these amazing animal’s!!

  3. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Why the hatred against this beautiful animal. They are the victims of human’s ignorance and greed. They deserve to live free and to be protected. This is the least we can do.

  4. Killing wolves is one of the biggest mistakes our country ever made. Wolves are not vicious killers and only kill to survive. A lot of wolfhaters say wolves kill for sport. This is simply not true. The only animals that knowingly kill for pleasure are humans.

  5. Lawrence Scrima says:

    Grey Wolves are the natural, most agreeable way to control Wild Boar, Ungulate and Rodent populations, that destroy crop and flora, as well as spread disease everywhere.! Wolves have been proven to primarily kill sick and old in herds, increase the herd health, prevent them from over-grazing and overpopulating (proven in Yellowstone Park), as well as rodents that can spread diseases. Consider, foxes, coyotes, wolves consume a lot of rodents: mice, rats, prairie dogs, rabbits. Unchecked rodent populations destroy crops and can spread disease outbreaks, e.g., bubonic plague! Don’t repeat past mistakes!

    1. All dogs are descended from the grey wolf
    2. All wolves originally evolved in North America (now almost extinct in America !)
    3. Wolves have a very positive impact on environment, proven in Yellowstone Park and elsewhere on flora and fauna, kill sick and old in herds, prevent herds from over-grazing
    4. Wolves/dogs helped us evolve and are still helping us to survive
    5. Wolf -First domesticated animal by man, partner in our survival
    Also: Very aggressive Wild Boars , imported from Russia for sport hunting, are increasing exponentially in the USA and are a definite threat to humans, pets livestock, destroy crops and flora, would be best controlled and preyed upon by Grey & Red Wolves in the USA, and are being controlled in Siberia now by Gray Wolves, killing wolves will increase the Russian Wild Boar infestation, now throughout the south in the in USA and spreading north! Killing wolves will increase damages to flora and fauna, as proven at Yellowstone National Park USA, healing now due to the reintroduction of Grey Wolves imported from Canadian for the purpose or restoring wolves to their natural home; now recognized many unforeseen benefits to all flora and fauna in the park, as well as increasing tourism to the park just to see the wolves! Best historic evidence is that the wolf was first tamed by man to become dogs in Russia / China area, do not betray them and dishonor their gift to man, the dog – still man’s best friend and partner in survival! ‘Wolves are also major predators of boars in some areas. Wolves mostly feed on piglets, though adults have been recorded to be taken in Italy, the Iberian peninsula, and Russia. Wolves rarely attack boars head on, preferring to tear at their perineum, causing loss of coordination and massive blood loss. In some areas of the former Soviet Union, a single wolf pack can consume an average of 50–80 wild boars annually’.[46] Wikipedia exert.
    46. Graves, Will (2007). Wolves in Russia: Anxiety throughout the ages. p. 222. ISBN 1-55059-332-3

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