Success: Cruel Cyanide Traps Halted in Idaho

Target: Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Applaud the ban on cyanide traps and encourage a permanent nationwide ban.

After a tragic accident involving a boy and his dog, the Department of Agriculture has placed a ban on the deadly cyanide traps used to kill wildlife in Idaho. These cyanide traps look like sprinkler heads and are activated when a predator is drawn to the bait placed on the trigger. Unfortunately, wildlife aren’t the only victims of these horrific traps. ForceChange covered the accident involving a boy and his dog in a recent petition. The decision to temporarily ban the use of these traps is a welcome one, but it does leave room for improvement.

The cyanide traps, also called M-44s, release a cloud of orange smoke that contains the poison. Coyotes are the intended victims of these traps, but as this most recent incident indicates, pets are often the ones to get killed. Just on Monday the U.S. Department of Agriculture placed a ban on the use of these traps on federal and private lands in Idaho. The Department is currently reviewing their operating procedures for the devices and representatives are beginning to push for a nationwide ban of the traps.

A current lawsuit is focusing on completely halting the use of the traps until the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can consult with the EPA on the full impact of using these traps. Until then, this state ban is welcome news and a great opportunity to push for the nationwide ban of these devices. The Department of Agriculture will to leave the ban in place while representatives contniue to meet with conservationists and animal activists on how to move forward. Please commend the ban of these traps and urge the Secretary of Agriculture to create a nationwide ban on the use of M-44s.


Dear Sonny Perdue,

The temporary ban on the use of cyanide traps in Idaho is a victory for everyone. These deadly poison bombs have killed hundreds of pets and injured a handful of people over the years. It is unfortunate that it took a tragic incident for these horrific tools to come under scrutiny for their lack of safety and their cruelty. The Department of Agriculture is taking a great step forward in creating this ban and continuing to work with concerned citizens.

While these traps are banned, the people of Idaho will not have to worry about accidently stumbling upon one. However, those living in places like Arizona still face the uncertainty of whether there might be a M-44 in the area. We greatly appreciate your willingness to work with representatives and organizations to review the use of these traps. The safety of people and their families should always come first and you have made it known that you uphold the value of safety.

Please continue to work towards creating a nationwide ban on these traps until the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can meet with the EPA and determine the full effect of this poison. Thank you for placing safety first and working towards a solution to a dangerous problem.


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  1. holly homayonfar says:

    Thank you! We need to make this a federal law so no innocent animals can be harmed like this ever again.

    • The federal government will do nothing to stop cruelty anywhere! These sorry ass senators voted to close the Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and now the hibernating bears, cubs, wolves, pups and other things can be killed. They even allow steel traps, snares to be used and animals bite their feet and legs off because of the pain. Believe me when I say they did this because it is something in it for them. Some organization or private company wants the land. Call your senators and complain about what they did. They will NOT rest until all wildlife is exterminated from this country. Vote all the sorry block heads out. By the way, the vote was 52-48. Almost all Republicans voted for it and one idiot from Maine that is an Independent. Our voices need to be heard about what they are doing to the wildlife in this country!

      • Rosie Boyd says:

        Blame Trump! He and his family enjoy trophy hunting and don’t give a flying fig about environmental or ecological issues.

        • Rosie,I agree 100% Trump is a repulsive POS. He is ;loathed by most people internationally. Trump and his family have a vile reputation as disliking animals.These vile POS love hunting.Hunters are the scum of the earth.These bastards make excellent fertilizer!

  2. I am happy they are banning these cyanide traps. Thank you….but this shouldn’t have been as issue to start with. No one should have had to sign petitions over this horrific action.

  3. Heather Brophy says:

    Sonny, We pay you to protect so make the ban permanent nationwide if not you’re useless!

  4. Absolutely Angry says:

    Signing this but not without still complaining about so much more that still needs to be done!
    Why is this ban only temporary? Whoever started this idea should have done their research knowing full well that these traps in open areas are not species specific… Hello uhhh duh, government supposedly protecting the people, who lets these idiots approve any of these inhumane, barbaric ways of controlling the no issue at hand to begin with?
    Idaho is temporarily on board how about the rest of the country. I can’t believe we have to sign these petitions to actually raise awareness! Get these no good doers out of office already!

  5. the lame brains who even thought of this kind of animal control should be
    arrested and put in prison.The stupid government doesn’t care who or what
    is harmed. Thank you for banning these traps. They don’t even consider
    what the consequences are.

  6. Rosie Boyd says:

    It is outrageous that the Government think that these traps are acceptable to use. They are indiscriminate and it is only a matter of time before a child gets killed. They should be banned permanently, nationwide.

  7. How long before a small child is killed by one of those cyanide bombs?

  8. “Determine the full effect of this poison?” Um, it’s cyanide. Ever read an Agatha Christie novel? It’s one of the best-understood poisons known to man, and that doesn’t make it any less brutal.

    Sorry, but I’m not signing. I don’t want a conditional ban on these wretched things. I want a total and permanent ban.

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared

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