Find Person Responsible for Grisly Deaths of Nearly 80 Roosters

Target: Deputy Chief David McCartney, Watsonville Police Department

Goal: Find and punish people responsible for mass dumping of rooster corpses used in fighting rings.

Nearly 80 roosters have been found dead in garbage bins in Watsonville. California. Thirty-four were recently found in a single bin. Weeks earlier, another 43 were found in another bin, not too far from the most recent finding. Authorities say that these finds point to widespread illegal cockfighting. Investigators suspect that these dumps may be connected to another 30 dead roosters found almost a year previously in the same area.

Cockfighting is an illegal bloodsport where two roosters have knives attached to their legs and are placed in a ring to fight until one dies. These roosters were found with their feet wrapped in gauze, which is typically done before they are fitted with boots from which razor blades or spurs protrude. The animals combs and wattles had also been cut off, which is commonly done without anesthesia to fighting roosters because these areas tend to bleed so heavily.

Authorities also recently found two 6-month-old pit bulls that they suspect were used in fighting rings. The dogs showed behavioral issues consistent with dog fighting. They were suspected to have been used as bait dogs, which are docile dogs that are chained up while game dogs attack them for training.

This type of cruelty is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. In order to protect animals from this type of cruel exploitation, the people responsible must be found and punished. Sign the petition below to ask police to dedicate extra resources to finding and charging the people responsible for these cruel acts.


Dear Mr. McCartney,

Nearly 80 rooster corpses were recently found dumped in garbage bins throughout Watsonville. Nearly a year earlier, 30 more corpses were found in a dump that authorities suspect is connected to this one. If this wasn’t enough, two 6-month-old pit bull puppies were recently found with wounds and behavioral issues consistent with being used in dog fighting. Investigators suspect that the dogs were used as bait animals, which are tied up while game dogs viciously attack them.

It’s imperative that the people responsible for this cruelty are punished. We, the undersigned, demand that extra resources are dedicated to this case in order to catch and charge those responsible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Gotodie

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  1. Rosie Boyd says:

    REAL MEN don’t need to prove their masculinity by taking part in barbaric animal “sports”. REAL MEN try to stop cruelty to animals and aren’t afraid to say so.
    Be a REAL MAN Deputy Chief McCartney and find these neanderthal animal abusers and punish them in a way that they will never be able to abuse anything ever again.

  2. Man has a vicious part in his brain that says any animal can be used for greed and doesn’t merit respect. Any formula for excitement, the spilling of innocent blood, or maiming of bodies is seen as a means to an end. Please find each and every person responsible for the agonizing torture of animals. Persecution to the fullest extent of the laws regarding animal cruelty must be made.

  3. STOP this irrational, cruel, depravedly sadistic, unconscionable, immoral, barbaric pastime — SHAME on any society allowing for this “entertainment” horror at the expense of excruciating suffering & death of innocent, vulnerable living beings — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE!! — We do NOT want repeats of these crimes — FIND these idiot-culprits and throw them into rubber rooms permanently.

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