Ban University’s Unnecessary Experiments On Pigs


Target: Brown University President Christina Paxson

Goal: Stop Brown University from performing cruel and unnecessary experiments on pigs

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has revealed that Brown University has been using young pigs in unnecessary experiments. In these tests, researchers force the pigs to consume alcohol so that they can measure the effects on their heart. These tests are completely unnecessary as it is already widely known that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for the heart. We must ask Brown University President Christina Paxson to stop performing these inhumane experiments at Brown University.

In a recent interview with the Providence Journal, PCRM spokesman Dr. Albert J. Puerini Jr. gave insight into the details of these experiments. He stated, “They’re forcing animals to consume large amounts of alcohol, the equivalent of 20 shots of vodka a day. That right away is grossly abusive. They try to artificially cause heart disease. Before they kill them, they open up their chest[s] and expose their hearts. It’s barbaric. … It escapes me that there’s any value in this.” He further explains that pigs response to alcohol cannot be compared to the response of humans, enhancing the uselessness of these cruel experiments.

To make matters worse, these inhumane tests are funded by the United States government. Brown University should be ashamed for using taxpayer dollars to torture young pigs.

By signing this petition below, you will help urge Brown University President Christina Paxson to stop allowing cruel and unnecessary experiments to be performed on pigs at Brown University.


Dear Brown University President Christina Paxson,

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has revealed that inhumane experiments are being conducted on pigs at Brown University. These young pigs are forced to consume “the equivalent of 20 shots of vodka a day” in order to measure the effects of alcohol on their hearts.

These tests are completely unnecessary as it is already widely known that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for the heart. Furthermore, experts believe that the results of these experiments bare no comparison to the effects of alcohol in a human.

I ask that you ban Brown University from performing these cruel and useless tests on pigs immediately and use the federally funded tax-payer dollars for a better purpose.


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Photo Credit: Dusan Bicanski via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. renee jeanine ragno says:

    Seriously, University President Christina Paxson??!!! What a moronic, disgusting, immoral act performed by a university, a place of suppossed intelligence, humanity.

    Would be more effective to simply study college students, alcoholics to see the affect. By the way — something you along with all involved should know —- are already known.

    STOP the stupidity!!

  2. You wouldn’t dip your finger in shit & dab it in your nose to know it stinks would you?? Then WHY perform these needless tests? Oh yeah, I forgot; someone gets paid really well to punish animals for peoples’ stupidity.

  3. Sheila Jefferson says:


  4. What a disgusting excuse for an educational institution. You are a disgrace! Stop this cruel behaviour now.

  5. Absolutely disgusting! Study the human alcoholics in your instition! These innocent animals obviously have more intelligence than any of you and pigs are also very nice and sensitive animals and make good pets, just like turkeys do and both are capable of affection! All animals have rights and the right to be free of pain and suffering and have to rights to be out of the elements and the cold too and have a roof over their head! Another way our braindead federal officials are talked into putting out enormous amounts of money to protect their jobs and those of researchers! This research is totally unnecessary! We already know what alcohol does to the brain! And to open up the pigs’ hearts before they kill them and the fact they DO kill them, leaves us to think these researchers have no ethics or morals at all if they have no compassion for animals!

  6. Peggy Jakopak says:

    What is wrong with you people? What possible benefit can be gained from yet again torturing animals?

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